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Bernie Sanders proposes 'national wealth registry'

Bernie Sanders calls for a ‘national wealth registry’ to tax the rich. FOX Business’ Stuart Varney with more.

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  1. Who the hell would believe this crap?

  2. Fox News, winter is coming my friend lol

  3. Protest vote for Bernie in electrian. Write him in for prez. Cause DNC. Will screw him again

  4. Thumbs up for Bernie, thumbs down for state tv.

  5. I'll called it Americans Creed

  6. that's right all you billionaires and millionaires are now criminals.

  7. After William the Conqueror took over England, he called for just such a list to be made. They called it "The Dooms Day List".

  8. Look at these stuffy capitalists going to bat for billionaires. These people are against the very idea of helping the people. These are the footsoldiers of the ruling class.

  9. If you are working class and defending billionaire you are a class traitor and a worthless bootlicker

  10. FoxBusiness: You took all the food from the billionaires, and now they're gonna starve >:(

  11. Here we go, Robinhood starting his action to help the poor by locating where all the money are and to fulfill His promises free everything, very soon peoples going to ask him to give out his millions for free too why not?

  12. Communist TYRANT wannabe buffoon

  13. All I hear is two members of boursgeoisie telling the peasents to live in their limits.

  14. Bernie have you started leading by example paying 70% of your income to the feds?

  15. How's Bernie going to pay for it? This is how. Not to mention the trillions saved when we stop endless wars, and stop over paying for a greedy/broken health care system.

  16. This guy is crazy. I never have been given a job by a poor person

  17. BERNIE 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. Bernie Sanders’s wealth tax proposal

    $32 million to $50 million net worth: 1 percent marginal tax rate

    $50 million to $250 million: 2 percent

    $250 million to $500 million: 3 percent

    $500 million to $1 billion: 4 percent

    $1 billion to $2.5 billion: 5 percent

    $2.5 billion to $5 billion: 6 percent

    $5 billion to $10 billion: 7 percent

    Over $10 billion: 8 percent

  19. Elizabeth Warren is a compromise candidate.
    This just re-enforces the status quo + lays the groundwork for another Trump.
    Elect real change – Vote Bernie 2020.

  20. He is a true Communist! Fact!🇰🇵

  21. Sanders is socialist liar , the rich hire the middle class with health care that make a living including himself that would all end with him as president, hes a greeting man who wants more money while the middle class suffers

  22. Screw you all. Hope you all burn in hell.

  23. Ahh he doesn’t want the rich to evade taxes . What a bad policy 😂😂

  24. Bernie is just crazy , does he know what "offshore" means ?

  25. OK, Put me on that list!!!!

  26. More likes than dislikes on a conservative network, that's funny. I'm curious why these guys would argue that rich people should hide their money instead of pay taxes on it

  27. How bout a communist registry. Uncle Igor sanders. .who would vote for this creature? Never did anything in Congress, never had a job before. Worthless pos.

  28. filthy socialists and their lust for "registries"- burnie you pathetic old grifter you have been rejected by America. TRUMP 2020

  29. Register your guns
    Register your money
    Register your kids
    Register your thoughts

  30. Good luck hiding from US government …Which country will they go to hide if US govt really want to hunt them down ????
    Its nuts to support this kind of accumulation of wealth when even GOP supporters agree with this policy. in predominant numbers

  31. Support and Vote for Bernie Sanders 2020.

  32. Just when I thought his ideas couldn’t get more ridiculous. Bernie must have a goal of one idiotic idea per day.

  33. 1. We already have a wealth registry he’s just trying strengthen it
    2. Bernie Saunders will not raise taxes on anyone making less than 30 million

  34. He's full of sick a very sick nasty communist social dictator a disgrace to america

  35. Crazy Bernie …. Explain how you bought a 650,000 dollar mansion days after you dropped out of the 2016 presidential race and "sold" your supporters to Clinton. Bernie should lead by example and be the first to reveal his true wealth.

  36. Bernie is such a pathetic loser.

  37. So many evade paying tax particularly the very Rich, addressing that is needed

  38. Make a financial donation to Trump 2020!

  39. Why do people listen to this old thief? Old dishonest coot.

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