Friday , November 27 2020
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Bernie Sanders undergoes heart procedure after hospitalization | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders hospitalized after suffering chest pains during campaign rally.
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Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was hospitalized after experiencing chest pains during a campaign rally in Las Vegas.

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  1. Fake, leftist "wiccans" have been casting spells and projecting negative energy towards President Trump. Their weak attempts fail. Mine succeed against one of their commie friends.
    Goodbye Bernie.
    More to come…

  2. The Killary mafia strikes again. Does anyone find it suspicious this happened in the same week there were rumors that Killary would run again?

  3. Time for Bernie to withdraw from his campaign for president. With his heart problem 78.. the stress of being president will only get worse. He won't last 4 years as president…Just something to think about. Trump 2020

  4. Drop out and endorse Warren!

  5. Bernie RIP. Big Bang – 2019

  6. Good, I hope he DIES!!!🇺🇸😡🗡🛡🏹⚒💀🔫⚰

  7. Hillary must be getting more sophisticated with her hits, didn’t know Bernie had dirt on her.

  8. He felt the Bern, then rushed off to the finest hospital he could find. #Socialism

  9. Best wishes Bernie, hope you are able to take up the good fight again soon

  10. well slow Bernie is outta there, just waiting on Hillary to run now…

  11. And this is why he's got to drop out of the democratic presidential campaign

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