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Bernie Sanders’ wife speaks out after health scare l ABC News

Jane Sanders deferred to health professionals on his status but said the 78-year-old Democratic presidential candidate “looks more energetic than he has been.”

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  1. That procedure should disqualify him from the presidential election. Hes to old and could die during his job. Sorry its not worth the turmoil of having to do relections cuz he dies

  2. Come on Dwight Eisenhower had a heart attack during his presidency, he continued to smoke 4 packs a day and he went on to get elected and serve a second term. Bernie Sanders will take care of himself and can no doubt outlive warren and biden.

  3. Had heart attack and still working for us. A real leader. Bernie Sanders is the president America needs and wants. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. You should retract that it was heart surgery. That is fake news.

  5. Time to quit. The tocsin note has sounded.

  6. I cannot vote for Bernie. He’s too old. Tulsi for Prez.

  7. I thought that was his daughter 😜

  8. Bernie needs to retire and live out his life in peace and quiet.

  9. I'd rather have a 78 year old president WITH a heart, than a 73 year old clown WITHOUT a heart!
    Btw, I know people who had heart "surgery" when they were in their 30's, and they were bedridden for weeks afterwards. Bernie was back on his feet in just a couple of days!

  10. Sanders did have "procedures" rather than "surgery" but you do not need three days in hospital to recover from having stents put in.

    Sanders was recovering from a heart attack.

    Sanders had a heart attack, and tried to hide the fact only to be outed by his surgeon.

    Surgeon. Procedure. Surgeon.

  11. There's precedent that he'll be fine. Ike had a heart attack in '55 & won that election. Jagger (76) & McCartney (77) both have stents. Still touring. We won't know if this hurts him until the debate & the coming months. Bernie didn't have heart trouble because he's in poor shape, he had it because he's been campaigning like a madman since 2016.

  12. Love you President Sanders!!

  13. No one has a "Heart" procedure and leaves the hospital the next day, This was a procedure to unblock a partially blocked artery to AVOID a "Heart" issue in the future…Corporate owned media exaggerates, spins, undercuts, berates, ignores and lies about Bernie 24/7…I'm guessing these pundits billionaire bosses do not want a Sanders Presidency…Just a hunch

  14. She stole money from a college until it went bankrupt.


  16. Covering up the heart attack. Damn fools…. why not just tell the truth. As if it wouldn't come out. Geesh! Politicians are weasels.

  17. Glad he's ok even though I won't vote for him. Love not hate.

  18. Bernie Sanders has a heart attack, his campaign is trying to put forward a false narrative.

  19. Even if you think you know Andrew Yang from the debates or media soundbites, #YouTubeAndrewYang

    His innovative ideas & approach are often misrepresented.

    If he isn’t the Democrat candidate, you may one day look back and wish you gave him a fair chance

  20. She doesn't want him to give up the campaign… money! Bernie is unviable.

  21. I hope dear sanders gets better soon. He is an assist for people of us.

  22. And of course they don't mention he got the most donations so far in the 3Q dem primary. Had to leave it out. ..
    Feeling the Bern, best wishes to him and family

  23. First he loses his dentures, then his mind, and now his heart wants to leave. Campaign's over Donkey Kong. Go join Pedo Joe Biden.

  24. Get Well Bernie!We love you brother!And we need you as President!#BERNIE2020!!!

  25. Hope he recovers well. His own doctor came out and said he had myocardial infarction (heart attack). If he were smarter, he would retire and enjoy his retirement. M

  26. That is so obviously bad news for Crazy Bernie supporters. The man is critically ill, otherwise he would be talking to you.

  27. Eat ur veggies, avoid needing a stent to begin with.

  28. I am shocked. Shocked that this wasn’t another smear attempt at Bernie by mainstream media. They actually behaved somewhat like journalists this time. Or maybe I’m confusing ABC with CNN and MSNBC.

  29. We’re still with Bernie 1000% #NOTMEUS

  30. ❤️❤️❤️. Bernie!!!! Welcome back!

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