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Best wedding dresses from Bridal Fashion Week 2018

There’s about to be several fashion in 2018 …. numerous it … an excessive amount of of it, even.

The events area unit about to be filing in one once the opposite, the soirees can proceed endlessly and much too several catwalks are going to be arranged out than you ever needed for. there’ll be exciting bits, of course, however we’ve a way of foreboding that the year to come back might careen quickly into fashion overkill.

If it had been nice, original fashion we’d still be cheering however late we’ve seen so much an excessive amount of mediocrity and it’s managed to erode away all our optimism.
Peering into the long run, here’s what you’ll expect to in fashion within the year to come back … and what you will not expect to

Here’s another annoying thought: with such huge numbers of form’s most well known names flying solo, we think about whether the current year’s design weeks will overflow with new names. We do realize that Lahore’s Hussain Rehar will influence his form week to make a big appearance at the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week and having gotten looks of his plans, the originator has distinct guarantee. Be that as it may, some out and out appalling ‘Rising Talent’ appears in the past have abandoned us bored and we think about whether any of alternate newcomers will convey on outline.

We will be steady here and give a shout out to the amateurs – neighborhood mold is in desperate need of crisp, imaginative blood. Furthermore, we have our fingers crossed that the mold will inspire.


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  1. Bridal or groom k nikha b prha do
    Dear kis bat ki

  2. What s wrong with Saba Qamar she made herself looks so stupid

  3. Ma aurat ho k ye bt krti hon k yahan mard ka kia qasoor ha jahan aurat aisi ho. Aurat sudhar jai to muaashra sudhar jai.

  4. Shame on you… So called Muslims… Saba Qamar think about your afterlife … koi haal nahi Pakistan ka

  5. Kiya yeh Muslim dulhan hey kiyon fhashee phela k allah k azab ki dawat detey ho tumhein koi rokta kiyon nahee

  6. Saba apni kamr dekhana phr hindo k tarha hth jorna kitny glt bat hy

  7. Jan buj kar gari ha Saba Qumar takay balay balay ho ak baat aur Bridal ka eyes makup zara acha nai keya

  8. Pink Turban(Pagri) wale to guards lg rahe groom lgne ki bajaye.

  9. بہت سے کپڑے بکواس ہیں

  10. Ur show is speechless for me. ..

  11. Hello! Can anyone help me track down the pastel sea green outfit that at 11:45. Who is the designer?

  12. 2:24 jo piche model h right pe wo khani pkistni drma ka actor h khni ka husband

  13. Dulhans yaa jewelry shops!!!!

  14. Kaha Sy pathaniyan ly aay

  15. itni nangi bride jism ki exibition hay libas ki nahi kutnay mazee sa jism dikhaya ja raha hay in ka

  16. Saba qamar bagi k character sy bahir he nahi arahi lgta hai

  17. Koi aik lurki india mey aisi nahi hai. Sub kali kalooti .

  18. Some models are little over weight atleast for modeling. Some are flat chested. Some of them are wearing loose clothing. And above confidence is not high.

  19. Ya kaam tu kafirunn ka he apke bass ka nhe

  20. Sooooo….. the woman designer is also modeling? Lmao

  21. Wow!!! So Beautiful collection

  22. The "fall" by model was a fake. On the return final walk she didn"t bother to hold her dress up and walked as the other models.

  23. Indian bridal lahnga lag raha h

  24. ofcourse, u people wont admire their effort n experiments,,,,, shutup idiots,,, jab tumhari dulhanein halaala krti hain tab unki izzat ji yad ati,,,? bloody jaahils,, islaam islaam lga rakhi hai , gerreban mein dekho apni gandgi pehle,,,,, bht ache designs for pan world,,, awesomeeee

  25. 1st bride k yellow blouse k kpry ka name bta Dy koi plzz

  26. Shandar collection
    I loved these dresses

  27. Osm faishion week show h i want i have h faishion week show 😍😍😍😍😍

  28. Humiama looks so bad she’s walking like a man and looks up the duff the outfit is disgusting wtf

  29. Too much show off Saba qamar

  30. how hard you try but stil cant you compare with sabyasachi

  31. Lanet ho aisy musalman per

  32. Kitne bakwas boring chehre; lack of confidence ; catwalk kya hoti hain pata bhi hain …..brain less

  33. Non sense in brands ur so called fashion ki waja se ghareeb middle class families complexes ka shiksr Ho gaye hain unki zindgiyan difficult hoti gayen hain. They are just making people materialistic.

  34. Everyone please keep in mind that it's a couture. It's suppose to stretch cultural norms and set new trends. Culture is bound to change every 30 to 40 years and so it's changing. Change is always good and let's welcome it. Don't judge it with lens of any religion

  35. Bride dhaki chuppi achi lagti hay


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