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Beto O'Rourke: 'Need to connect the dots' on Trump's rhetoric and mass shooting

2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke responds to the mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, on “This Week.”


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  1. This was BARELY covered in the media – stop for a second and imagine if any REPUBLICAN had fought back LAUGHTER following a mass shooting in their own district. It would be on cable news and late night talk shows for months or years, it would never end. This exposes the clear, undeniable leftist Bias that the MSM has and exposes what a pathetic, disingenuous fool Beto O'Rourke is.

  2. Beto stop talking and start the marches to overthrow the yellow killer clown 🤡

  3. Pay close attention at 1:55sec minute mark…where he clearly condemns neo nazis white supremacist etc…


  4. this dope can give up already

  5. If I ever met beto, I'd tell him his name is more stupid than his face.
    Boom, danny danko ALWAYS WINS

  6. I love the way he is so dishonest and disingenuous by completely ignoring AOCs rhetoric that led to two shootings where they quoted her aloud, and Bernie sanders where a crazy fag shot congresspeople while shouting Bernie's slogans.
    Such a dishonest little rich boy fuck
    I wonder what his thoughts were on Obama's anti police rhetoric the day before 5 officers were killed by a BLM member? Oh, non existent bc hes a Hypocritical leftist.
    What does beto think of antifa?
    Oh, nothing? Hmm, gee, maybe bc they're backing him and other dems as terroristic cells for the left.
    at least many of us on the right acknowledge when Trump says ignorant shit and make an effort to call him on it.

  7. ABC "News" didn't seem to connect the dots on the Dayton tragedy to a Liz Warren supporter…

  8. British guy looks at comments

    Jeez these guys like guns

  9. He wasted no time in politicizing tragedy.

  10. "Need to connect the dots on Trump's rhetoric." FAKE NEWS. We SHOULD, however, be connecting the dots on all of little Beta's ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIORS. Starting with his very detailed little fantasy, about how he has such a deep rooted desire to run over innocent little kids with his car, and ending with his sick sadistic little giggle, about the El Paso shooting. #Trump2020 #TrumpDoesntLaughAtMassShootings #ProudOfMyPresident #TrumpIsTheBestPresidentEver #TRUMPISSTILLYOURPRESIDENT

  11. We need to connect the dots when Beta boy writes that he wanted to run children over with his vehicle.

  12. george soros is paying for those caravans.

  13. what a phony he is not even mexican but cons everyone into thinking he is. Your a white man and he loves the camera and laying blame on everyone.

  14. Who the hell would waste time and money to interview Beto? Needs to take his ass to the barbershop with that Bob Dole looking ass haircut. Get em, old jimminy cricket looking ass muhfucka, get em.

  15. You think pouring more guns into the street is going to make you safer. Next you want to start arming ex-felons in the midst of your hysteria. Why don't you tell us how many gun control laws have been passed in the last 20 years?  

    Ronald Reagan was protected by the best armed guards and he and others were still shot. 64 cops were murdered by guns in 2016. 45 in 2017. 52 in 2018. So far 29 in 2019. That's already over 150 cops murdered by guns just alone during Trump administration. But you want to put more guns on the street so more cops can get murdered too as well as stacking up the body count of civilians. If you tell me that's the price to keep your machine guns and assault rifles, then you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  16. Beto is such a lier. All he is doing is using this sad times for his own political advantage. He has taken money from companies and has made them promises if he is elected. He doesn't care about this country he's all talk.

  17. DWi conviction burglary breaking and entering thats robert O'Rourke (beto) true record. Peetends hes Hispanic

  18. Beto is a Daddy's boy , little boy Beto has never done anything on his own , little girl Beto is a spoiled entitled pud who needs to get a job

  19. First of all, prayers and best wishes to the people of El Paso. Both O'Rourke and the liberal media need to show they care about this tragedy. Second, if you clowns are going to keep blaming Trump for these attacks of the last 3 years, you need to blame Obama for all the attacks that occurred during his 8 years. But no President is at fault for these gutless acts. Blame the shooters and, damn, STOP blaming the guns. The guns kill NOBODY unless they are in somebody's hands. I don't see anyone calling for a ban on cars every time someone is struck and killed by one. WAKE UP, liberal fools!!!!

  20. Does this man remind you of the school janitor, masquerading his pedophile tenacity. Just saying

  21. HE'S LYING…. DONALD TRUMP NEVER SAID KKK AND NAZIS ARE FINE PEOPLE AND MEXICANS ARE RAPIST AND CRIMINALS…. SHUT UP….ur making it up….MAGA ✊🏻 MAGA MAGA WATCH DONALD TRUMP WIN 2020 AGAIN….. the white shooter was just white doesn't mean he's KKK or Nazis…… Donald Trump Loves black people gay, asian, Africans,

  22. Just Shut Up with Your Hate Blaming Trump BS!!! Francis O'Dork & ABC spewing out their hate,lies and division as Always!! God bless Trump!!😇 President Trump Again 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾

  23. Roberto O'Dork and these sick msm are Pathetic to use dead bodies for their own talking points and for votes!! Why are they not talking about the shooter in Ohio who's a leftists and supporter of Elizabeth Warren?? No one is to blame but the shooters and the Political Left , Bias Lying and Fake News ABC,CBS ,NBC, CNN,MSNBC ,All they do is Spew out hate and division themselves and blame it on Trump!! They make Americans Sick and tired of their hate filled name calling everyone a racists that disagrees with them rhetoric!! God bless our Amazing President!! Trump again 2020!!❤😇🇵🇾

  24. Beto O'Rourke doesn't have a single electrical current in his noggin, does he?

  25. This guy makes AOC look like a fucking genius.

  26. Nobody gives a shit what you think you dumbass Soy Boy! Take a hike dipshit!

  27. Beto, and the rest of the clown car of Democratic Debate candidates are why I (lifetime registered Democrat) have no choice but to vote for Trump.

  28. Elect Beto and get free Russian lessons and Chinese language lessons cuz we'll be speaking it

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