Thursday , September 24 2020
Home / News / Biden admitted to a quid pro quo with withholding aid : Rep. Steube

Biden admitted to a quid pro quo with withholding aid : Rep. Steube

Rep. Greg Steube (R-FL) discusses why the Senate and the American people should hear from Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) in the Senate impeachment inquiry hearings.

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  1. You can smell the New World Order desperation. They will attempt Assassination if need be.

  2. Obiden will stroke out before the 2020 election.

  3. I should run for presi

  4. Guys is not that hard. A quid pro quo is not illegal on itself. An Ilegal quid pro quo for political gain is the problem. Biden withheld aid in accordance to the US interests.

  5. Biden is screwed! LOL Dems eat their own….😁

  6. I wouldn't either they think it's ok for them to do what they do but it's not for our people.

  7. Obama and Hillary paid 10 million for a fake Russian dossier that they then used to spy on the Trump campaign. The Bidens took millions in bribes and then threatened a foreign leader to protect the source. They need to be put in prison.

  8. Biden is on video of bragging about quid pro quo. Want to nail someone, nail Biden.

  9. Yup don't listen to Harvard and Stanford educated lawyers they don't know squat 😂🤣😅🥊🇲🇽

  10. I dont understand why all Democrats crimes or unethical behavior is being completely ignored and any tiny thing a republican does is exaggerated and targeted, it's like the republican party is being oppressed.

  11. They need four professors to tell them what the Constitution requires???????? They need to contact the Cato Institute and get a copy of the Constitution.

  12. Admitted? He bragged about it onstage.

  13. Its too bad these Congressmen don't put as much effort into resolving issues in this country or even in their own states. If they did, maybe SF wouldn't be covered in sh*t, now.

  14. Ive never once been polled…………………………

  15. Republicans need to put these people on trial who are tying up our government with with these false claims on our President using our hard earned tax payers dollars.

  16. lol are you idiots still on that debunked theory??

  17. So Green is sayong they can just keep the impeavhment fiasco going as long as they want! I don't think so.. They'll have to pay the piper some time.

  18. wow! the FBI had to get a fisa warrant to get phone numbers,and they were not allowed to unmask american citizens info, how did media get this info on
    our congressman.

  19. These Democrats have lost their mind. We are expected to put up with this nonsense and hey promise to keep it up. Insanity at its worst.

  20. Quid Joe quo indictment over due for Logan act which is doing foreign biz while in public office. Nepotism to set up US tax $ to Ukraine to be turned around to Biden (s)…then he runs a pres campaign & the dems scream that Biden is protected because he's a candidate. Prosecute political thieves that spend their time in office pocketing bucks laundered dirty$$!

  21. Older people are ALREADY telling the demo…..RATS candidates they are TOO….OLD!

  22. The Democrats are the enemy of the American people

  23. The defence should always be able to call whatever witnesses they like in any case. No question.

  24. demo…..RATS believe the American citizens are STUPID and FOOLS, they could bring so…..called Scholars to the IMPEACHMENT CIRCUS and they will convince the American citizens of their HOAX???
    If anything it turn the wrong way on the GERIATRIC DEMO….RAT CONGRESS! lol….

  25. Harvard and Stanford Law "professor's" equal Communist Infiltrators and dangerous to American Freedom! Our Constitutional Republic is under attack and has been for a very long period of time. We need a swift Military intervention before we lose what's left of our Sovereignty as a Nation

  26. So Biden quid pro quo ( illegal)
    Trump quid pro quo not illegal
    Makes sense to deep state

  27. I called about 40 democrat reps today and told them that as an independent I was furious about the impeachment. God forbid any of us ever sit in a court of law with witnesses like they’ve produced. That’s like Stalin or communist China in my eyes. I asked too if they would vote to impeach with this “evidence” if it was Hillary or Obama in the hot seat. If not, then they’ve chosen party or principle and should be ashamed of themselves. They are establishing a disgusting precedent. I encourage as many of you as possible to call as many reps as you can and encourage them to do the right thing.

  28. They were Trump haters over " law professors"

  29. People don't listen to Dems anymore…

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