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Biden Arrives In Geneva Ahead Of Critical Putin Summit

NBC News’ Peter Alexander reports on what we know about President Biden’s summit with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The critical meeting will be divided into multiple sessions, and Biden will never be alone with Putin.

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  1. Do you guys not see the like to dislike ratio? You all are a disgrace to our country. Shameful media

  2. I’m not American so question is I’m i allowed to make jokes about Biden anyway?

  3. Biden is unstable, senile n weak n Putin will feed on him, without bidens staff writing what he should say or answer hes done.

  4. Why the western politicians are unable to see the expansion of Arabs expansion around the world? The answer is ignorance and Greed. Western politicians are in a deep sleep. The Renaissance Dam dispute is a conflict between Arab countries against Africa. History also bears witness the only country that resists the spread of Arabs in Africa is Ethiopia. We lost Eritrea in our naked eyes to the Arabs because of lack of understanding of Western politicians who do not even have an idea of ​​the motive behind the war. President Esayas is awake. However US and British are in deep sleep. Again the West is making another fatal mistake by opposing Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia who are fighting the expansion of Arabs into Africa. Although these countries have Muslims in their country, they are not Arabs. The memory of Western politicians is so short that they have forgotten the Egyptian contribution to the destruction of the World Trade Organization. Do Western politicians know bin Laden's group was behind the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia? I doubt. Drowsiness wakeup before its too late. West wake up. Don't put your hand on something you have no idea. Of course I understand something about corporate capitalism. It's all about money money money. The United States and its allies are fighting for the money. Ethiopia and Africa are fighting for their dignity. If Ethiopia loses this battle over the Renaissance Dam, the losers are all African countries. The West Journalist are corrupt misleading the western politicians. All they worry is how much money they have to make. Unless Western countries examine the quality of their Journalism and lobbyist soon very soon the world map will have different structure.

  5. Mainstream media fails to report on Hunter Bidens repeated use of the N-word. C'mon mannn….

  6. Let’s settle this once and for all. Put Biden and Putin in a cage and let them fight it out like men. Biden has mentioned repeatedly about how tough he is. He took on the legendary Corn Pop who nobody has ever meet, heard of or seen. Seems like Corn Pop should have a position in the Biden administration on a team to find solutions to violence. Corn Pop is not real but the product of a delusional old man. Biden Vs Putin in a cage match to the end. The winner becomes the leader of both Russia an The United States. I think Putin would knock Biden out with one jab and be welcomed by everyone in the world. Corn Pop please come out of hiding and be the referee. Kamal aka Moose Knuckle could be the ring girl. The politically correct and pillar of honesty Don King could promote the entire event held in Jerusalem of course

  7. "Good to be back in Switzbabwe."

  8. Boss Putin VS Diaper Joe

  9. Biden is only a NWO puppet… Putin is the boss here!!

  10. Where is Kamala?
    Who is following Biden around with the pooper scooper?

  11. Stupid freaking Joe Biden

  12. This is a pathetic result 391 likes 821 dislikes 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂


  14. Breaking news… 24 percent of ballots in Arizona have 0 chain of custody.. Rigged. Election Folks. The communist democrat party printed off thousands of ballots to give the win to Biden.. We must remove the senile potatus now. 🇺🇸

  15. The way Joey crosses his legs strikes fear in the heart of Putin.

  16. Biden is probably the weakest “Leader” of all time

  17. Geneva has issued a mandatory lockdown for all 9 year olds within a 14 mile radius until Biden leaves town

  18. ELECTION INTERFERENCE 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😷😷😷😷😷😷
    What a joke

  19. BREAKING NEWS: World War 3 Started, as Biden Attempted to sniff Putins Hair😂

  20. Biden needed a full day of napping in preparation.

  21. Secret Service better keep those Adult Diapers Handy, its gonna be Ugly😂

  22. LOL! Putin be like…… This is literally going to be the easiest, most stress-free head of state meeting I will have ever had. What an absolute joke Biden is. HE is Putin's puppet.

  23. Who is only interested in what Putin has to say?

  24. Putin already got everything he wanted, when China Joe greenlighted his pipeline, giving him unlimited wealth and power over Europe.
    Funny how that happened at the same time Hunter (with no art experience) started selling paintings for $500,000, to anonymous buyers.

  25. Bunk, baloney and balderdash.

  26. As we celebrate Paul Gosar for grilling Chris Wray on who executed Ashli Babbitt, let us remember that the Biden regime arrested the journalist who filmed Babbitt's execution at the hands of the government

  27. Biden using his Flash cards.
    2 1/2 hours late for the NATO summit. Report that.

  28. Over/Under on when Biden has a stroke. (Under 2 years/ Over 2 years) ?

  29. So…. Uh… ummm Mr Putin…. ( Biden falls asleep) CNN: “ Biden fed it to Putin….”

  30. Just another photo up with shallow discussion and nice sounding summary when it’s over. Nothing significant I’m sure. Journalists will have to ask them what kind of ice cream they had 😂😂

  31. I wonder how many times he says its great to be here in the state of Canada.

  32. Check out the carbon footprint on Uncle Joe's European vacation. I thought he was Mr. Greenjeans. I guess reducing fossil fuels is for everybody else but not him.

  33. A great leader like Putin deserves a more credible adversary than this decrepit corrupt puppet. And illegitimate too

  34. I wonder if msnbc reads the comments ?

  35. The GQP talking about Biden being weak after their nazi-in-chief kissed his bf Putin's a*s for four years is just another walk around crazy town…why would the media would even entertain these irrelevant liars and white supremacist terrorists "critics"? Nothing Biden will ever do will be vicious, racist, corrupt and disgusting enough to please them anyway.

  36. President Parmelin bears a resemblance to former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger

  37. The Joe Biden Comedy tour for the world ..

  38. Biden the murderer meets one of the greatest men in history. Putin will give him a golden shower as a token of worlds’ respect for the bloodthirsty evil American empire.

  39. biden is being punked. putin is late, which is intentional. he is gonna eat our old man alive.

  40. Nice to have a President who doesn't meet secretly with Pu-tang.

  41. Biden is as Dumb as they come! and his freak show for a wife is right along with him….

  42. Someone needs to off Putin! Bad person he is! A KGB freak show Putin is…Why are we meeting with Putin!…. He attacks us bye Cyber attacks! Biden Just has no brains in that head of his!

  43. May President Biden the very health

  44. Man: Welocome to Geneva Mr president.

    Sleepy Joe: GENEVA? I thought we were going to Switzerland. C'mon man!

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