Biden boosts efforts to end cancer on 60th anniversary of JFK’s ‘moonshot’ speech

The White House outlined several policy moves around the initiative. WATCH ABC News live stream here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: See more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #abcnews #biden #cancer #jfk

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. This is absurd. Cancer is a bdelloid rotifera coinfection. Tumors are not genetic. Bdelloid rotifera have a unique method of reproduction, and something called "horizontal gene transfer." There are no males, hence 100% asexual reproduction. Which is unheard of in anything besides bacteria. And with HZT can literally trade genetics with their environment. Pair that with the fact they are practically invisible due to size and complete lack of pigmentation, they blend in with human tissue.

    Had these organizations and governments wanted to lessen the effects of "cancer" they wouldn't make every effort to prevent the use of anthelmintics in developed nations.

    Avert your eyes from the beast, and submit to the Lord, Jesus Christ. He will remove your cancer. As he did with mine. All it takes is unwavering belief. God bless.

    Revelation 14:7
    "Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters."

  2. Here’s a start Joe, stop stressing the 💩 out of people with your lies, cause stress causes cancer.
    What a ignorant douche.

  3. This guy doesn't disappoint me

  4. Biden’s “Inflation PRODUCTION Act”?

    While Inflation and fuel are at a 40 year high. Never underestimate Biden’s ability to F things up!!!

  5. His “word as a Biden” 🙄🤥

  6. So doing the two years that the bidings were running this organization it took them 4.8 million dollars but Joe Biden spent over 3.5 million on salaries and payroll and spent zero on cancer research

  7. Joe can't even figure out how to exit a stage or who's hand to shake. How's this bafoon going to cure anything. Isn't he to busy destroying the American economy and lying about it anyways?

  8. This guy is more delusional than Bernie Sanders…☠️☠️☠️☠️💀 we are in the hands Of mr idiot

  9. Funny, dislikes are just an image. The TRUE dislike number would b such a sad joke this bozzo would shut down you tube just to avoid truth.

  10. "Cancer doesn't care if you're red or blue"

    Neither does my wallet when you're spending my money bud. Come on now

  11. If he "ended stupidity", no one would vote for him.

  12. ⚠️ Selection Code
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  13. He steals from Kennedy might as well reference him.

  14. Phucc that pee doh file joejinping Taliban.


  16. No what he did by passing this Cancer Moonshot INITIATIVE is to End Research, New Drugs, New Treatments and New innovations, New Research and Cures for every Disease in our country, he took all the money from every Drug Companies in our country! He ended New Drugs, New Treatments, New Researches, New innovations, New cures, now drugs Companies don't have money for Researches , New Drugs,, or New Cures, this is the most Incompetent UNFIT, DiViSIVE, Irresponsible President our country EVER had, this Presidents and all Democrats need to go, they are Harming all Americans and our Great country….

  17. Please impeach this senile man.

  18. You forgot to add "End of Quote".

  19. The dumbing down of America lead by President Biden.

  20. Biden thinks he ended COVID, so now he thinks he can end cancer.
    He is an insult to the scientists and doctors who have been working on cancer cures for many decades.
    A cancer cure is NOT something we do together, any more than any other medical achievement is something we do together.

  21. Biden could find a cure for cancer, and the MAGAts would still find a way to excoriate him.

  22. 🇺🇲 ARE YOU READY to go from despair, fear of tomorrow, and hopelessness of the future to be a first-class citizen of US, live out the American Dream to the fullest?
    ✅ Then the conference "Global crisis. USA" on 09.24.2022 at 11AM EDT is right for you.

  23. I think dementia would be better goal

  24. It's all about keeping us distracted.They wanna cure cancer because they are trying to go to space. Hence the radiation. It's all lies. Trying to rally us behind a new space race so we will fight WW3. Start going outside. Don't fight there wars

  25. Absolutely BS. How dare he ride on the back of curing cancer. How dare he.

  26. Worst president ever🤡🥔👎🏻 LIAR CORRUPT PERVERT MUPPET LAZY OLD FOLK

  27. Jo bidn more like ho bidn.He is a m kr ,he fks his own datr he kissed his grand daugtr on the mouth

  28. Has it occurred to any of you that this guy is referring to us as a cancer and there is a cure for it. Think about everything he has said and what has happened, Pop your bubble for a minute, live a good life but remember that most people do not really care about the domestic population which if your on here watching this you’re a part of not them.

  29. I'm voting with my wallet. Biden raped my 401k and crypto. Imagine supporting this 🤡. #FJB #AmericaLast

  30. Don’t you ever compare yourself to President Kennedy

  31. Bonjour et salut from Charlie-hebdo. I am the collateral damage victim of 0BAMA, GE0RGE S0R0S and criminally negligent Democratic party leaders, and for that I am very confident that lots of politicians in the U.S., South Korea, the U.K., and France and people working in the media, new Pope and U.K. royals know me very well. Your abhuse, lies, 0ng0ing illicit m0nit0ring, c0nditioning c0ntr0l scheme, false promises and indirect threats to silent the victim that first started in 2011 left me with wasted years that is only worth a life lesson.

    I do think years of criminal activities that were directed at me intentionally and planfully by 0bama, Ge0rge S0r0s and democratic party leaders should be compensated rightfully since I was, I am the collateral damage victim of the past U.S. politics and administration.


  33. here comes the plot to "I am legend"