Sunday , December 5 2021
Home / News / Biden delivers remarks on his economic agenda, bipartisan infrastructure deal

Biden delivers remarks on his economic agenda, bipartisan infrastructure deal

Biden delivers remarks on his economic agenda, bipartisan infrastructure deal

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  1. He supposed to be the President, not telling stories about Joey baby …. creepy lying pony soldier

  2. What happened to the Union Jobs when you closed the pipeline genius

  3. This man is an abomination to the US Constitution and he needs to be impeached immediately. He is breaking federal law and he has violated he very first oath of his office. What a laughing stock this administration is. Treasonous too

  4. Lol. Now who is this guy. It sho is not Joe sippy

  5. In the field of Psychology, "COGNITIVE DISSONANCE" is the "perception" of contradictory information! Relevant items of information include a person's actions, feelings, ideas, beliefs, and values, and things in the environment. Biden's "problem." We can "correct this", thru Honesty, with Him. Michael Jackson/Anna Nicole Smith, type illness. Everyone Enables = Failure to Correct. We do "Intervention."

  6. F" fraud s of b 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎 .

  7. I'm not even wasting my time listening to these lies!

  8. None of us Americans citizens voted for 3rd term Obama destroying America

  9. Haven't I heard this Joey speech before with the guy pinching his cheek? Only I don't remember the part of when he rode the train and the secret service didn't like it. Sounds like he was young and I didn't know the secret service looked after anyone that wasn't a president. Who would pinch the cheek of a president and call him Joey?

  10. If he increased the amounts of his various "plans" to say 10 Trillion or more, maybe we could end up with a surplus since the current plans will eliminate inflation!

  11. The left's agenda is to make their uninformed, lazy, ignorant constituents reliant on the Federal Government as their personal Santa Claus. That moves them right into Socialist pawns. Yet, it's amazing that people like Suckerberg, Pelosi, Biden and Son Hunter, and the rest ALL became rich off of our core capitalist values. Now, with political immunity they want to punish the wealthy by taxing them to finance their Socialist agenda, and take money from people who were smart, good investors and business people that dedicated their time to build their fortunes off of their hard work and not milking the taxpayers of the United States.

  12. I listened to the entire speech. I know Biden is not the most eloquent speaker, but most Americans agree with the goals of the infrastructure bill that he discussed. Trump promised to get an infrastructure bill similar to this one, but didn't get it done. The infrastructure projects will create jobs and upgrade outdated bridges and roads which will benefit our economy and our citizens. It was a bipartisan bill with support from both parties. It is the one thing both parties agreed on.

  13. the people that applaud over there are they hired to be there for couple of hundred ?

  14. The people ruining our dollar value while increasing their net worth through insider trading have addresses. Make politicians accountable again

  15. Why are you clapping and whooing for him!??? Idiots

  16. China is calling the Biden administration, "the least capable in history."
    Bidens latest job approval poll. Approve 39%, Disapprove 58%.

  17. Reading from the teleprompter. Coughing… pooping himself…
    Cmon man… where are the little kids that should’ve been lined up for me to sniff?


  19. Sry but the Jersey's ppl dnt talk like that. Nice try

  20. Hes not gonna do anything for us. AMERICAN Hes a liar HE PROMISE TO TKE CARE OF US. THE BRIDGE CAN WAIT

  21. Is that why your destroying the schools.

  22. If he wants a tax cut for the middle class, why doesn’t he just work on… a tax cut for the middle class? Why should we funnel tax dollars through government for them to waste?

  23. "That's not hyperbole"…Translation: It's hyperbole.

  24. This man should be in a home and I don’t mean his home

  25. Shows how long and how much government has stolen if we're 13th

  26. That's the sorriest clapping I've ever heard. Sounds like his staff trying to clap as loud as they can 😆

  27. another gander through the valley of confusion with a moldering sock puppet that lives in the white house

  28. You ain't leading sh*t! You're nothing but a good little puppet.

  29. He should be impeached for the frickin train story alone.

  30. The worst President ever and they clapping for this dam demon🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  31. He's told this story at least 10 times now. And we all know it's a lie!

  32. Economics? It’s for foreigners

  33. I'm not sure if I understood what Biden said he kept losing his place

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