Biden is ‘most compromised president in US history’: Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee discusses news reports surrounding the Biden family’s business dealings and reacts to an IRS house visit of independent journalist Matt Taibbi. #foxbusiness

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  1. Yet, President Trump is being indicted for something that he has already been to court twice, where stormy Daniels wrote a letter stating that she was after money and nothing happened, and the statute of limitations ran out two years ago. I am purely frustrated, furious over our legal system where the left can do what ever the crap they want, break any laws,jeopardize national security, nothing happens. The left have no morals, integrity, respect at all. Something has to change and fast.

  2. This should be Treason

  3. I can't believe somebody hasn't offed this idiot yet.

  4. Nothing will ever happen

  5. osoooooo deap NO Bottomless

  6. Blah blah blah yeah right are we going to do anything about it this guy is an arrogant a****

  7. Title is wrong compromise.

  8. I wish all the people who voted for Biden were alive to see what a travesty this 'president' has become.

  9. Meanwhile the Biden family continue to cash $million checks from the CCP. Nothing to see here focus on Trumps Misdemeanor from seven years ago.

  10. Impeach Joe Biden retreason and racketeering

  11. If a former president can be arrested, a sitting president can be arrested. Let’s make this happen!

  12. What part of this does everyone feels is right only Biden’s freaky side all his ghouls

  13. Life on Earth has became terrible!!!! Our leaders are destroying our planet & our lives. GREED!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Barrator Beijing Biden, and the Biden Crime Family, have been selling access, influence and secrets to our enemies for fifty years. Jail him–flight risk–and try him for treason at Gitmo.

  15. Maybe he a good polisher!

  16. Why is he still in office ir allowed to be there I'm the first place

  17. Ohhhh busted!!! What do people think about that 16 visits for a tour??? Yeah rrright!!! YOUR NOT ABOVE THE LAW!!! TRAITOR TO OUR COUNTRY!!! MOVE TO CHINA!! Assclown!!

  18. Huckelberry never got to the Oval Office. So of course he's bitter than a man like Biden did. AND these birds are calling Biden corrupt when the absolute MOST corrupt president America has EVER had was their own hero, Donald Trump. Trump never wanted to be president. He wanted-and still does-to be DICTATOR. But there's that writ called The Constitution that keeps getting in his way. And NOW the Taliban says they might consider violating the Constitution to save Donald Trump's fat azz. This isn't Russia or some banana republic. This is America. Some of you MAGA morons had better wake up to that fact. Of course, you'll be called "woke" then.

  19. Chocolate chip Joe needs to be removed

  20. Our country is going down because of this crime family in the white house

  21. Go get the criminals ( biden family)

  22. Most corrupt also and needs to be prosecuted!!!! If they can go after trump then for sure brandon should be fair game!!!!

  23. Revolution this pos is going to get re elected

  24. Civil war needed . Lee Oswald America would love you

  25. Amazing that this is proven and Trump's the one indicted. AMAZING

  26. Impeached or arrest like they did Trump


    Why those that shame, lie and deceive

    Must be shunned by the voter at the booth.

    Why all who wish to be praised by history

    Must live by conviction, love and truth.

    Why remain grateful for heaven’s best

    Who pray for wisdom, trust and love.

    Why honor the deeds of heroes past

    Who relied on God’s answers above.

    Why is the biggest question of life

    The wrath of man is always in season?

    Why is our world the way it is

    Like a tragic poem without rhyme or reason?

    Why study history, Some have asked

    It encourages us to live in the past.

    Why when ignore history we repeat its mistakes

    As the outcome of humanity is cast.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

    Tom’s 1,650 Poems Are Free To Share!

    George Bush Tom Zart

  28. Do they know nothing is hidden from GOD" absolutely nothing, Oh GOD" got this…

  29. The biden regime administration and democrats need to be fired for treasonous acts against the USA and its legal American citizens! Those POS need to be thrown in GITMO! Period!

  30. This adminastration is crooked

  31. They are all corrupt pedophiles

  32. We the people know who the real criminals are… And Joe Biden and his band of thugs should have been impeached a long time ago.. we are sick of that man..😡😡

  33. Don't worry Mike you know Biden he's got memory lapses so many times he even keeps forgetting whose president in there as he called kamala president and Obama he keeps forgetting that he's the president not surprised since he cheated or his people and the media helped him as they never helped a president to get in the presidency as they helped Biden and the media isn't supposed to be biased what a joke

  34. We the People will have enough soon and what is going on in France will be small compared to whats going to take place here…..

  35. Paying for classified information

  36. Do what is right. impeach this Demon.. Joe Biden is no good for the People of America nor any other country Lier,Scammer,. Thief,Murderer, Pedifiler,he has Committed Treason..

  37. I think Joe Biden will be remembered in history just like Benedict Arnold. IMO and the sooner he is out of office will America heal if the wound is not already too deep.

  38. The most compromised huh? Didn't Trump show classified docs to Russians and defends Putin every chance he gets. Ivanka got money from China and Jared from the Saudis. So please tell me how Biden's the most compromised.