Tuesday , March 9 2021
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Biden Proposes Extending Russian Nuclear Treaty | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Matt Bodner reports on the Biden administration wanting to extend the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty between the U.S. and Russia, which limits how many deployed nuclear warheads and missiles each country can have.
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Biden Proposes Extending Russian Nuclear Treaty | NBC News NOW


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  1. Nuclear disarmament Group make practical proposal, US and Russia see how much they can compromise to make Proposal possible?

  2. Navalny broke his oarole that why he fled russia 5 law suits pending he was not poisoned according to opcw which was already published

  3. America always needs a boogie man to scare people, russia this russia that

  4. On one hand our ballistic missile tech complicates this. On the other hand having an oops be a limited exchange with survivors isn't a bad thing. Full out nuclear war would be annihilation.

  5. Dont know details???? Hello it's in use now. You dont research anything

  6. Great news for the Russia, they can hide more nukes. Putin must be laughing his _ss off at Joe Biden. It's like a two headed coin, both sides of the coin for Russia. Israel better watch their backs.

  7. ok people now watch how the main stream media will portray a left leaning president within the coming months versus a right one. Maybe it'll open your eyes to see the media is not on the peoples side only it's own agenda.

  8. Trumpers lying that the Election was stolen. They'll believe anything.

  9. Now we are under Putin's regime. We got to offer a treaty. We have become the beggers

  10. Missiles bad, treaty good!

  11. Glad Biden is trying to make peace with our enemies. Time will tell if I'll be voting for him in four years. Reducing the number of nuclear bombs in active service would help, I sometimes have nightmares about a nuclear war destroying my hometown. Me running for cover only to find that every door to someplace safe is locked. I wake up before the bombs start exploding.

  12. Putin is a scared little man. He will agree to anything because his four-year vacation is over.

  13. YouTube channel Nations in action 👍 very good information

  14. Since Joe Biden was sworn in, 8,529 people have died from Covid. That’s like if 40 full size passenger planes just suddenly fell out of the sky.

    Impeach Biden now before he kills more people. Biden is effectively committing genocide.

  15. Biden Works with Russia.

    Democrats: crickets

  16. Biden can also ask Putin on ways of monitoring illegals in the US.

  17. Still got more than enough on both sides to get the job done.

  18. Biden's a Manchurian Candidate, he was NOT elected into United States Presidential office legitimately.

  19. Why don't we just reduce the number of warheads by detonating them at each other. – Xi Jinping and Kim Eun-jung

  20. All I can say going against putin is like putting the fire out with petrol

  21. President J. BIDEN 👍🕊️🇺🇸👍🕊️🇺🇸

  22. Uhh ya extend it, if itll stop a nuclear war between the two.

  23. Man, this is the big beast rather N. Korea that Biden has to deal with.

  24. The advertisement sound is blowing up the dbs

  25. Free Navalny! !!! Putin is corupt! 😠

  26. 10% goes to Corn Pop, because he was a bad dude, who did bad things to roaches with hairy legs who didn't social distance

  27. The President Biden promised $ 2,000 stimulus relief bill to keep us afloat. What now?

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