Monday , January 25 2021
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Biden ‘really doesn’t understand how business works’: Home Depot co-founder

Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus talks to FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto about Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden’s economic plan. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Biden does not understand the use for toilet paper right now.

  2. If he gets in America as we know it is doomed

  3. He is all about making his pockets fat he is a POS and doesn’t have a clue

  4. He does not have a clue the small business man will be the ones that will suffer

  5. Biden only knows how to cheat and steal.

  6. The DUMBORATS are getting filthy rich off us..That really needs to change & soon !

  7. Just like trump doesn't know how to be presidential. Stop the lies or quit your job. Fox is a bunch of liars

  8. Hey Fox let me tell you something by Joe Biden okay everything he did in 47 years was he did the one of them is a fact. It's one of the crime bills he did they did one they pissed at all up and basically anything he's done in 47 years was s*** himself a couple times he walked around smell like poop it's about the only thing he's did in 47 years of being in the government

  9. Hey Fox News fake news used to watch you all the time to shame I spent all them years watching you guys for used to come out to be nothing but Raiders okay you're clearly on the left side there's a few over there that aren't wow who knows 90% 95% of you or on the left side and you know what I think you're pretty shity for doing that but you can have your own beliefs I'm not here to criticize your beliefs you can believe the wrong side and when the right prevails guess what you guys all be out of work bye

  10. Biden is about hiding in his basement that's all he'll do.he bites .he's a loaded gun .Trump for President.

  11. Don't make the biggest mistake of your lives America.

  12. Biden is nothing, just a bystander. Trump is president 8 years

  13. Biden share your wealth. Put your money were your money is.

  14. This is coming from a guy who never worked a day in his life………

  15. Really makes me wonder "do any of the dems even understand that with Biden and Harris in office and implementing their parties agenda isn't going to be some Robin Hood situation where Biden is going to take from the rich and give to the poor." That is not going to happen. Biden is going to undo everything that Trump did. All things that benefited every working man and woman in America. Doing that is going to drive out big business and with it go kobs those businesses support. Also goes the tax revenue those businesses and their employees would have generated for the local, state and Federal government to energize and contribute to benefitting everyone.
    And lets not forget the following degradation of the local neighberhood and city. Crime goes up dramatically, and a great exodus begins to occures leaving behind blight and eventually a slum condition.
    And that is just the beginning of the end.
    AOC and the left are f***ing nuts. If you take away from the people their ability to work harder, longer hours and seek better paying employment. Some might even open businesses trying to succeed and so forth.
    If you take that away, you've robbed the people of the incentive do pretty much any of that and eventially to even bother to get up and go to work. "No incentive!"
    And that is why "Communism never works anywhere!"
    Eventually, they run out of other peoples money or an incentive to do any kind of work.

  16. Look at the stock markets mostly green better than the 80s a few red spots because he' had to slack off election

  17. Biden, like Obama, has never worked at a real job in their lives. Just like many of the other politicians in Congress.

  18. Biden knows how business you sell out to anybody that has money like China. Tough his son well also

  19. Biden Doesn't Understand. what had been Said and Done. Is it really Due to his Slow Deteriorating Old Age ? Hhhmmm,,,

  20. Biden if he wins with his brain capacity the way it is Pelosi and the hard left will give them a free Wally's World tickets he will be happy until they send them back to the basement

  21. Biden doesn’t understand how the business works that’s why if he becoming the president of America he will let evil dictator China doing the business of America for Biden and CCP will dominate America and controlling the business of America! That’s could be his plan!
    President Trump is the best president of America! God bless America! God bless President Trump! Please fight for justice for President Trump! We need President Trump to be a president of America! Be strong America! 🇺🇸✊💪🗽🤙! 🤜🇨🇳🦠👹☠️👎🏿!

  22. Fox, you suck, Biden, really? You are done. Don't believe the anti Trump drive. Just wait. Holding your breath? Well, you might live. Because you're existence is going to be short! Good day and God Bless America despite you….

  23. This article came up in auto play. I cannot find out how to remove traitorous Fox from the Line up.

  24. Newsom: I'm sorry… sorry that I'm better than you!

  25. newsom: guess I’ll go to my big dinner party now and then to a big bathhouse later

  26. Frig off Biden and friiiiig off Fox, ya junk news losers

  27. This man Biden isn't the President Elect till December 14th if he makes it that far. Lol

  28. Yes he does
    That it is easier to steal . Than it is to work. Drugs cost money. Believe me he higher than hell. Son chip off old block.

  29. Sleepy Joe Biden doesn't understand hoe to tie his shoes! His wife is doing that each morning for him.

  30. They are going to put you back in chains,Nobody have put us in chains but the democrats @ Joe Biden

  31. I wonder if Joe doesn't know some workers have money invested in company stocks. It sounds to me like he is out to punish workers.

  32. Now that Trump is gone you will never see the numbers that you saw while President Trump was in the office You Can Kiss Them All Goodbye it's gone. You can thank all those left-wing people that for that

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