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Biden risking public safety by halting wall construction: Former CBP chief

Former Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan argues President Biden halting wall construction is ‘politics being put in front of public safety.’

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  1. only civil war is going to save the US.

  2. How can we protect Mr.President Trump’s legacy? Why, Mr. Biden???

  3. GOD PROTECTS America from this people

  4. China Joe did it again. More jobs lost by stopping wall construction. He is a creep. Stick with smelling women's hair China Joe you phony . Vote him out in 2024.

  5. He does not care about the American people. Want he just did should tell you all!!!!

  6. Biden’s so old and senile, he’ll be in his grave by the end of his term. At which point I hope Trump will be back.

  7. What is his policy? Everyone but America first?


  9. They should fix their own countries rather than coming here creating another country like theirs!!

  10. Biden doesn't care about America and Americans . He cares more about those illegal immigrants . Just wait Social Security and all the benefits Americans get the illegals will get and they haven't paid a Dime into the system

  11. Just remember that toilet paper was a test of control. You all sure let them know they had it. I really wish this was the diarrhea pandemic but it wasn't. So if you don't believe they created the toilet paper crisis. Just ask yourself what you normally buy during any other natural disaster.

  12. This is just to create chaos, don't worth going into any reasonable details. That really doesn't matter. This is the antichrist Obumma at work. YOU DON'T SEE THAT??????

  13. BIDEN is the PUPPET of the UN and very RICH people! WE don't matter, they are votes for the DEMS! They want chaos in America!!!! SATAN and his ANGELS have been released.

  14. First illegal immigrants, then felons, then actual struggling Americans. Thanks, ol' Joe, you POS.

  15. It’s inevitable, people will die because of an open boarder policy. If only families sue the ** out of the government whose job it is to protect its people yet knowingly and willingly choosing not to!
    The money will never make up for the lives lost but those lives will mean a safer country for the kids of tomorrow.
    It’s one way to put pressure on the government to change.
    Trump had it spot on!

  16. JUST THE BEGINNING, OBUMMA THE ANTICHRIST TOLD HIM. He has no mind of himself, the satanists just hiding behind this reptillian. Get used to it, you let it happen.

  17. And now begins the crap storm of lies and made up problems to harass and slow down the progress. They could just as easily found someone to say that Wall is nonsense.
    But,,hey,, it's Fox and they are all about BS….

  18. Here comes all the cheap labor, woke leftist building a true utopia where migrants get cheap jobs and corporations thrive. So woke!

  19. How odd he seemed to need walls all over DC to protect himself! The country, not so much! 🥴🥴🙄🙄

  20. Let's all thank Bunker Biden for ruining our great nation.

  21. Biden needs to haul the Mexicans to Washington DC.

  22. So let's let in all the immigrants
    …who is going to stop this guy?

  23. Say goodbye to America… The globalists are now in full control! R.I.P. USA

  24. DO not say Joe, say the Fascists! Dave libertarian

  25. Give out flyers with Democrats home addresses to all the people entering illegally. Apparently, they want to provide whatever these people demand so let them.

  26. Welcome to the village Idiot …take a good look at him ..he stole his way into office ..

  27. Within hours of inauguration, Joe 1. dumped 11,000 US jobs
    2. Dumped Canadian jobs
    3. Ticked off Trudeau and Canadian lawmakers
    4. Opened up the US for more drug traffickers
    5. Opened up the US for human traffickers
    6. Put us back in the expensive WHO that just admitted the PCR COVID testing is inaccurate
    7. Put us back in the Paris Climate accord which is now going to raise the money the collect from wealthier countries

    And some think he won't raise taxes on all Americans…..he has to there aren't enough over 400,000 to pay for this. Not to mention that figure includes many small businesses that will be hit with higher taxes and higher minimum wages…..that equals businesses closing, higher cost of goods or more unemployed.

  28. Why not point at those who are using Joe, Joe has not had a mind in over 10 years? This is sick and I proudly voted for Trump! DAVE LIBERTARIAN

  29. One more stroke of the pen toward failure.

  30. You all got what you wanted !!! Hows that grab ya!!!

  31. And so begins the destruction of America 😔

  32. We will be the first country in the entire world that has no border!! What a fuckwad! He has no clue!! Biden, Merkel, Bush – all for ONE WORLD ORDER

  33. There goes hundred more good jobs !!

  34. Another million of illegal votes for next election secure lol

  35. some one needs to fly a 747 into the capital while there haveing there party!!!

  36. We miss Trump’s foreign politics!

  37. For anyone now wanting to come to America, the Biden Administration will be providing a gift basket with $2K and instructions on how to apply for all of the Dem freebies

  38. Biden thinks that $1.4 billi would better serve his bank account.
    I will help build the wall….for free.

  39. What a knacker head Biden is. America not safe, politics and money over safety for American public. Get on with it now, you voted for this loony cook

  40. The fake president traitors Biden signed to stop the wall in the borders crazy old men.

  41. They are rioting in Guatemala trying to get here…11million please probably 100 million…

  42. What a Jacka55, fake Pres!dent

  43. 3 miles of wall where created by Trump …. THREE (rest just renewed)
    … Fox really fans the flames again

  44. Halting????? this dumbfk will probably have it torn down.????

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