Biden says US will intervene if China invades Taiwan

President Biden said the U.S. will step up to help Taiwan if China attempts to take the island by force. FOX Business’ Cheryl Casone with more.

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  1. you might as well just declare war on China there and then, Mr. President.

  2. US lost to a bunch of farmers in Vietnam, now it thinks it can take on China 🤣🤣🤣

  3. He wasn't coherent when he said it.

  4. Oh good lord .can't believe they are letting altymers to run out country .we are doomed .

  5. I think what we need to eventually transition to is something like a global union, international normalization, like a European Union spanning the entire world. We don't want fundamental distinctions as a basis of conflict, however, the idea of an Asian union, and of regional unions in general, could be a step toward a global union. An Asian union could establish a regional democratic tier, a regional legislature, which to this extent would unify countries in Asia at the regional level, as well as advancing democracy in Asia. If you consider, the European Union is like a strong confederacy, with sovereign nations integrating like states, forming a regional legislature. An Asian union, to this extent, could unify China and Taiwan, while also preserving sovereignty and self determination.

    Taking an objective perspective on international normalization, in my opinion, nations should participate as members in regional legislatures, with each state being in at least one regional assembly with each adjacent state, and with these regional groups integrating as a United Nations, working toward international normalization. Ultimately, our representatives to regional and international legislatures should be elected by the general public. A transition to global normalization and democracy, also preserving national sovereignty.

    The European Union is strongly pioneering international democracy. I think a similar approach in Asia is necessary in further developing this evolution in human civilization. As far as hemispheric blocs go, I would look at Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The idea of a bloc is not to solidify division, the purpose of a bloc needs to be to advance normalization cooperatively. If we have national, regional and international legislatures, the national and international legislatures would need to be superior. Integration is voluntary at the national levels, however, international authority would need to supersede regional authority. If national and regional authorities integrated as the international authority, with the international authority superior to regional authorities, this might make sense?

    I am voting for an Asian union on this one. A yin and yang symbol also comes to mind. Could we have an integrated economic union, however, with separate, potentially competitive, defense pacts, or neutrality, as a practical necessity initially? I do not want to alienate China on this, but if we are working with defense pacts initially, an initial union counter balancing China might be another way to start.

    Self determination! Voluntary, by consent, democracy, chosen, freely engaged in!

    Tyranny or liberty? Empire or integration? Authoritarianism or democracy? Conflict or cooperation?

    Conflict and cooperation are mutually exclusive.

    I will point out that the European Union is very strong and very prosperous. The European Union is comprised of the very nations that were at the heart of the conflicts of our world wars. Now we find ourselves on the verge of a third world war, with humanity now possessing the capacity to end the world. I think international normalization and an international union is a good and necessary way to go and objective. I think Asia is where this can be established.

  6. "If we don't fight back how we gonna get mongolian chicken and salty black water?"

    joe biden

  7. LOL… All these posts suggesting that Biden be impeached are hilarious. YOU DON'T HAVE THE REASON OR THE VOTES, like the democrats had TWICE during Trump's one failed term.

  8. GOOD..!! Awesome Joe!!! Not seeming too sleepy here..! YES..!!

  9. Gee, elections have consequences….who knew?

  10. Lol a dislike button has reappeared with no totals…. The Liberal control continues.

  11. I don't blame Biden since he's a geriatric sock puppet. I blame Carter for being duped by the CCP into abrogating the Sino-American Defense Treaty decades ago.

  12. World is over soon 63! Its a wrap for the world 🌎 lol 😆 🤣 everybody going lol 😆 😂 heaven and hell next everybody sold their souls go to hell!

  13. Looks like Taiwan paid the big guy 10% too.

  14. He probably means he will send them billions of dollars to support them. Another arms deal like Ukraine

  15. Be sure we use electric planes, tanks, trucks and carbon-free manufacturing sources brandon, so we can go green while in that process. We don’t want the oceans to rise and the planet to melt during a war, thanks!

  16. impeach this $$$ hole

  17. weird thing to say to your best customer trash magnet

  18. Well i kinda of understand why since it involve "Chips"

  19. i am with him and i agree with supporting Taiwan and Ukraine 💪💪🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Trump also supports Taiwan .

  20. China rule the world because USA too afraid of China 😂😂😂😂😂

  21. Yes? then you go defend it you old turd. Stop sending young guys to die instead.

  22. Biden is an IDIOT his supporters MORONS .

  23. Biden keeps trying to get us in a war !!

  24. We all know what biden really means, – we are going to step aside and let China take it. That's what he ment to say. What a joke

  25. USA never fights its own army for other nation like Ukraine is handling on its own.Similarily Taiwan will have to handle on its own.

  26. Whose side is this guy on? He’s dangerous!

  27. We all know from beginning that there's no way Joe Biden can run the country.
    Someone behind him is doing the work..where is the truth to all this.

  28. Not a fan of Biden,but what he said wasn't a gaffe this time.

  29. Stand with Taiwan. China is barbaric and imperialist country. Throw china out from UNO. China is responsible for biological warfare against humanity. Ccp is a threat to human civilization. World community should unite against Chinese aggression.

  30. Please President Biden you are a very old man and you are putting the life of millions of people and families at stakes: another Ukraine and you are provoking the Devil and America will be overwhelmed by two War fronts.
    Instead of all your policies and help please welcome all these Taiwanese people and families who oppose China to settle in America..

  31. The Republicans, who have been screaming about "China" for months, now cower in fear of their inferior Millitary. Hard as tapioca pudding those "Patriots." 😄🇺🇸