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Biden tackles immigration, gun control in presidential address | Nightline

Only 200 lawmakers were allowed to attend President Joe Biden’s first address to Congress. Sen. Tim Scott delivered the Republicans’ rebuttal to the speech.


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  1. U see thats why we should've kept Trump..biden speaks like he barely wants to speak..hes to soft..to soft spoken and not enough getting it done..the vice president has that look likewhat the hell im i doing being VP..this campaign looks the most confused out of any campaign in our history presidency..

  2. America on the downhill spiral again he ment to say

  3. HeY Biden voters… I told u soo lol

  4. He is such a POS!

  5. Anyone see the tall black figure at the end of the isle behind everyone????!!!

  6. It really amazes me there's more like dislikes than actual likes on his videos posted online, says a lot about him.

  7. He Is A Fuckboyy POS💯

  8. Jim crown Joe is at it again, now after the handicapped.

  9. "Black" and "republican" is the same sentence… only in America.

  10. They preach unity and inclusion and all they do is work as hard as they can to divide and discriminate. Never belive politicians when they say they want to help you.

  11. False president. Guys trash.

  12. News Media and “journalists” should be embarrassed; but, Byron Pitts is getting a FAT paycheck …. so

  13. More dislikes than likes, how did he win the presidency?

  14. 1:45 What is the creepy thing down the isle in all black?

  15. We’re the fuccc. Is his mask

  16. The first clinically insane US President has brought American Democracy to standstill state. His Democratic Party ballot counters cheated and President Trump lost the election and his great vision was eclipsed by that of Joe Biden — a blind man can see better than Joe Biden. He allowed John Roberts and Mike Pompeo to rob the American people of $1 billion which the two Catholics John Roberts and Mike Pompeo and send it to the Jesuit Pope Francis who used to be a pimp in Argentinia before he became a Jesuit and then the 2nd Pope to the German Catholic Pope Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger of Germany — Vic Alexander

  17. Look at those clowns 🤡 in the back standing up to clap.

  18. We got some stupid ass people in the comment section 😂😂

  19. Biden is a freakin dope.

  20. Biden is a fraudulent President

  21. Biden is a FREAKING BUFFOON

  22. More dislikes to like across the board on most of these Biden videos. What does this tell you?

  23. I have a question for gun control supporters who want more gun restrictive laws even though there are thousands of laws in the country already that restrict guns and the use of them. Why do the police have guns? And as you know the answer, why is it wrong for you or me who is faced with a criminal or perpetrator that plans to hurt or kill you or your family members the right and freedom to defend ourselves with a gun also which is a Constitutional freedom? It is the best and most effective tool for the job. That is why criminals and the police both have them. Just remember the evil mass shooters are not heroes, but cowards. That's why they target gun free zones to kill. Politicians tell us that average people should not own a gun, but to call the cops after the death and destruction has happened. Meanwhile they have armed guards around them all the time. And for any that say all human life is valuable and none should be killed. Do you support abortion than? Think!!

  24. I would have NO problem improving our educational system, BUT- The Democrats aren't being honest. This money they want isn't going to go to improve OUR kid's education!- They want it to provide more 'interpreters' and buildings for all the ILLEGAL ALIENS they are letting in!In one fell swoop in a matter of a few months, Biden has flooded our country with people- A good percentage of them kids- Who do not speak English, need food, clothing, shelter and health care- And that means that over 100,000 of our OWN 'real' citizens will be deprived of the money for that food, clothing, shelter and health care!When my son was in school in California, any notices sent home were not just one page- I would get FOUR pages filled with foreign languages- Some of which I had never even heard of! At the very last page, the notice would be in English!This is outrageous! Try waltzing into a foreign country and demanding that your kid be installed in their schools, get housing and health care and have an 'interpreter' because they can't speak the language! 'Good luck!This border madness is just that- MADNESS!The Democrats are so determined to shove millions of people into this country that they have lost sight of what it meant to be an 'American.' Our fathers and brothers didn't fight wars to protect our resources so that their descendants could be so utterly STUPID as to give this country to the rest of the world.I don't care which party you traditionally vote for- Right is right and wrong is wrong. If you love your country, then for God's sake- PROTECT our water and other resources and CHANGE the border laws!India has lost so much water that hundreds of farmers there have committed suicide! Two of our water aquifers are already depleting in the U.S.!There are no 'Democrats' anymore because 'real' Democrats used to love this country and many of them fought in wars to protect it…. What passes for 'Democrats' these days can only be called 'Traitors.' There IS no Democratic party! Save your country for the people you love= Because if all our resources go the way of India and China, there will BE no good place to live in this world. There will be no fresh water. no tillable land, no peaceful space to take your children to enjoy nature- All you will have is miles of suffering people who make a new baby every year. You will have NOTHING! And if WE have nothing, then no one in the world will have any hope. Many of the people shoving their way in here do not LIKE our government and want to make it as miserable and ineffective as what they left behind. There ARE solutions, and they start with helping people in their own countries- But THEY must make an effort TOO! They must do as we did and FIGHT for better governments to oust the 'over-lords' and gangsters who control them…. They must use some common sense and curtail their population and teach people to fight for better lives instead of dragging their kids thousands of miles and tossing them over fences! I felt sorry for them, but now, I only feel sorry for the kids. The parents indulged in their sexual urges with abandon, not caring a whit about the children they produced.That said There are people in this country who have NO children because they wanted to wait until they could take care of them and give them decent lives. Why should THEY have to pay for people who have as many off-spring as they please?!Many of our Veterans live on the street= THEY need housing and better lives. We owe it to THEM, not illegals!Our Native Americans are nice and say they welcome immigrants- But that's the same 'niceness' which allowed them to be over-run. We owe THEM better lives- better housing, health care… Heck, on many reservations, they still don't have electricity!WE were once the great hope for the world. If we allow the Democrats to destroy it. there will BE no country- For open borders mean the land belongs to the entire world. My father did not fight to give this country to the entire world!

  25. All gun control laws are an infringement.

  26. You can't force your way into the USA and think it's OK.

  27. Let's start to fix and america and bring people every together

  28. If ar-15s, standard capacity magazines and walls are good enough to protect joe and congress then they are good enough for my family.

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  31. Biden tackles "what" lol what a joke this administration is

  32. The sooner they tear down the borders the sooner they can create the American Union, and the sooner the NWO can rule!
    i knew Biben was going to reverse everything Trump did to secure our borders! These criminal trespassers have more chance at the American dream than real Americans who were here first!!

  33. Good luck. We will go full 1861 on your ass, and you get to play the confederates.

  34. Biden failed his first 100 days. remove him from office immediately lets really reunite the country.

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