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Biden Takes Immediate Action On First 100 Days Agenda | NBC Nightly News

President Biden signed several executive orders on his first day in office.
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Biden Takes Immediate Action On First 100 Days Agenda | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Thief! Biden will never be seen as a legitimate President of these United States!

  2. "Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids." https://youtu.be/idpevmeoK1A

  3. 57,000 good paying union jobs eliminated with first executive order sighed. Gas prices will skyrocket causing groceries and everything else to go up! Sounds like a good plan to help out the lower and middle class. Good going Joe.

  4. How many jobs and lives did he ruin in one day with a pen

  5. Look china has finally gotten their lapdog back in office..

  6. First day as president and he has already had a nice dinner with the Chinese president

  7. When did he even have time to have these executive orders written up from the time he was supposedly sworn in

  8. With Biden we will nolonger be a independent energy producing nation, when we go back to the old days of getting all our energy from Muslim countries, watch the price of gas jump sky high

  9. First thing biden will do is undo the peace deals in the middle East that trump made happen, just as he did when he was VP, making sure to give aid to Muslim countries who stand by Islam , biden is a joke

  10. Biden needs to say something about Portland and Seattle burning and being looted.

  11. ..wow, was he on twitter last night? I guess not, hahaha

  12. Biden not even in office 24 hours and he kills 10,000 American jobs and gets the US sued by Canada.

    You People who voted for him are morons.

  13. Trumps immigration system is better.

  14. Don't eat the crayon Joe

  15. 1-21-2020 USA: Arrests as anti-ICE rally in Seattle ends in riots. And, left wing riots continue.

  16. The elites want us to be a part of the Global Communist organization, most true Americans do not , this is what the supporters of the democratic party dont understand , China will rule over America , Democratic supporters dont get it , America will cease to be be a influential force with Democrats in control , The move is toward a global communist government , WAKE UP, BIDEN HAS BEEN BOUGHT AND PAID FOR , HE IS JUST DOING WHAT HE IS TOLD TO DO.

  17. F*** you Joe Biden you are nothing but a communist and you and your supporters are going down

  18. What does he plan to do about immigrants on their way from Central America?

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