Biden touts presidential achievements at term halfway mark

Biden addressed bipartisan mayors at the White House exactly two years after he took office, and highlighted his presidential achievements including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Inflation Reduction Act and components of the American Rescue Plan. NBC’s Mike Memoli reports on what Biden’s next two years will look like and whether the investigation into classified documents will impact his decision to run for re-election. 

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  1. Tout is the exact word for it.
    Reminds me of the door man at Tijuanas Chicago Club.

  2. He learned to use a telephone to place a hamburger order. It’s only took him decades to learn that.

  3. Biden is better than trump

  4. I’m not an American, but from the outside looking in he seems like a buffoon who is very divisive and lacks common sense and intelligence in other words a career politician.

  5. This should run fir about three seconds, not three minutes.

  6. Our country is a mess because of Biden. I’m thoroughly ashamed of what we have become as a country. I’m glad I was raised in a time before all of this nonsense started and won’t be around to see where it’s going to lead -I thank God i won’t live long enough to see the end of the USA. The liberal bs is going to destroy us from the inside out. Our enemies are just sitting back and laughing as we design our own demise. Trump I didn’t like him personally as a celebrity, but as a President he wasn’t afraid to stand up for our country and call a spade a spade. No other country in the world let’s other countries freely invade their borders…but Joe Biden holds the door open and says “come on in, take jobs from our people, take resources away from our people, send your criminals north, and our corporations and factories South of the border. The far left is destroying the future for our next generation by indoctrinating our children to believe that they can change their gender as easily as they change their socks, as well as making white children ashamed to be white, and black children to be seen as victims. This is a country where you can rise above your station and be anything you want if you work hard enough. None of us were around during the time of slavery, and we don’t have to feel guilty for what our forefathers did 10 generations or more ago. Black children don’t deserve to grow up thinking all white people have a privilege just by being white. Poor white children have it just as hard, but can’t play the race card to explain why they were born poor. If anyone is born poor and stays poor it’s only due to a lack of motivation on their part.

  7. What "defunding the police" is that man yapping about? It is not like "defunding the police" had actually taken off. To the contrary, funding for the police has actually gone up all the while authorities have been crying endlessly about hikes in crime, particularly violent crimes. Of course, they (mainly Dem authorities) continue to blame covid and "Putin's war" for this. Isn't that so, Joe Biden? Tell families of all those gratuitously slained "black & brown" youth that more police stranglehold is the solution.

    If one listens to Joe Biden, you might also mistake the country for a paradise. The place is littered with potholes and degraded infrastructure that have made damages from the recent spates of extreme weather all that much worse. Airports have become hotels for stranded passengers and baggage. Preteen kids have become the subjects of misuse of firearms.

    In a nutshell, this is Biden's motto: when gas prices go up, they are "Putin's gas prices," but when gas prices go down, they are Biden's prices. I reckon from this, notwithstanding lower gas prices of recent times, the higher grocery prices will be "Putin's prices" or "covid's prices." Simply put, failures are credited to someone or something else, but "success stories" are to be credited to Mr. Biden alone.

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 dead political meat.

  9. This mans presidency has been a total train wreck. The country is worse off because of him.

  10. Biden = Unprotected borders, illegal border crossing all time record, fentanyl smuggling all time record, fentanyl overdose deaths all time record, inflation record since 1970

  11. Im glad hes better than trump. Atleast he has worked to get the documents back to the archives. Slurring trump wouldn’t cooperate and got raided by the feds lol. The democrats are just better. To republicans, george santos is making you guys look great!

  12. Can't think of anything, but make us poorer and weaken our national security. He's a joke

  13. As wise as America's founding fathers were, they could have never imagined that the fourth estate which they envisioned as the watch dog of democracy, would become such shills for corrupt career politicians as NBC demonstrates here.


  15. Lmao so this is what a sub 30% approval rating looks like, huh? Biden's getting thrashed in these comments it's beautiful.

  16. What freaking achievements?

  17. I get this it fake he's not talking to real people this is a. ((( side show)))

  18. No,he is not facing anything over files. He acted like a grown up. Not like the popcorn gallery of the Rep. Coup leader. 😍😍😍😍😍

  19. "My son is still shielded from justice, I continue to grift the American people, and they still haven't found where all my classified documents are! Yay me!"

  20. God Help Us 🙌🙌🙌🙌

  21. Biden is ranked the worst and most destructive president to America. Fact!

  22. Lmao how are these clown propaganda news channels still going? 🤣

  23. We should arrest all Democrats in two yrs and put them to work on farms

  24. LMMFAO! Is this a sick flippin' joke?