Saturday , October 16 2021
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Biden Urges Countries To 'Choose To Fight For Our Shared Future'

President Biden addressed the United Nations General Assembly and appealed to countries to work with the United States to face the many challenges facing the world from the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change.

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  1. when your OWN government ends up being the terrorists wtf, that's what America is now

  2. No one listened to this empty soul. They fell asleep.

  3. Great, now if only he fights the very people in his own country who are purposely destroying us for their own pockets which makes no sense because they are just as able to get hit with climate change and all this nastiness as well.

  4. Howdy Doody is back but no instructions included

  5. Gotta say it joe. Your doing the best job of destroying your own party. Loosing every European ally we had. 👏👏👏. You were born to be the most popular f up of all time. Undisputed potato champion. A potato head giving a speech before a communist organization who doesn’t even recognize a bill of human rights as they don’t think you have any. Can’t think of much more irrelevant nor illegitimate organization than that.

  6. Pretty sure the world is laughing at him

  7. First he has to start fighting for Americans. Everytime Americans try to ask a question he runs off stage. We pay him to answer our questions.

  8. Uncle treats a virus as his sole woe;
    He does not want to fight a human foe.
    But the human foe is just as deadly;
    Uncle has fled that human foe lately.
    Years ago the foe brought a building down;
    He fought the foe, but would not stick around.
    The foe shall return to raze a tower,
    Since uncle has neither will nor power.

  9. Potato 🥔 president… 🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔

  10. 🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤡🥔🤥🥔🤡🥔

  11. 🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔🤥🥔

  12. Universal,..shared future…peaceful prosperous for all..lift people up around the world,,,collective community,, one world order?

  13. Fight what? Communist takeover? On that I agree. Joe Biden and the Democrats MUST go!

  14. Biden is brain dead and already has one foot in the grave. He won’t be here much longer….

  15. Where are all these Joe Biden voters?? I see a lot more dislikes than likes. Humm…I thought he was America’s choice & there was no cheating…? Seems like he has a lot more enemies than voters.
    BTW, “Climate Change” is a plan to give them more control over our lives. The climate has always changed.
    (F Joe Biden) (The UN is evil & wants Global control in the name of “helping”)

  16. For god sakes this guy has advanced dementia. What will it take for all of you to realize this? At what point will somebody stop this madness?

  17. If you're looking for a way to help the environment you can switch to ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees!!!

  18. Thank you so much president Biden you stand for decency and for democracy

  19. Go Joe, you are the perfect puppet for these puppeteers. A job well done.

  20. Choose to fight for our "shared Future" is to die together as one.

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