Saturday , November 28 2020
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Biden vows to ban family from 'any foreign operation' if elected

The ‘Bulls & Bears’ panel discusses what they see as cronyism between former Vice President Joe Biden and his son’s business dealings with Ukraine and China.

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  1. Yes Biden is guilty. He's what you should focus on. Like I said I would absolutely release my tax returns but BIDEN IS STOPPING ME FROM SHOWING YOU THE TRUTH! We MUST STOP BIDEN. MAGA MAGA MAGA!

  2. Joe is a LIAR and a thief. If the Bidens did nothing wrong, why would Hunter resign—this resignation is an admission of corruption. Joe represents the corruption at the highest level possible of the SWAMP—enriching his family while in office by squeezing weak countries to get millions of dollars jobs for his untalented son and firing prosecutor. The Bidens' corruption in Ukraine and China MUST be investigated—no one is above the law. Lock Joe up and DRAIN-THE-SWAMP.

  3. It's a little too late to do the right thing now.

  4. Lmao! You people act like Ivanka and Jared aren’t benefiting from daddy’s presidency.

  5. If he isn’t elected, his family might continue to involve All Foreign Operations. Is this he tried to tell American people?

  6. The liar is caught, and he promises not to do it anymore….if elected. What an idiot! And he is guaranteed to lose – go ahead and make him the candidate. The media doesn't care if he can win, they are in the business of funneling the donations into their coffers.

  7. Why did he step down? If he did nothing wrong, then what's the matter?

  8. We will promise to stop sniffing too? 🤔😂

  9. Why aren't $oetoro and Biden in Pri$on?

  10. Tell everyone how you were counting your chickens when you told your cronies how the gun confiscation deal was going to be a CINCH BECAUSE OF SANDY HOAX ! Tell them also why a so–called actual event was named , "OPERATION LONGEVITY", and how it was set up by the most notorious gun-grabber of all, Mr. "BRAINWASHING himself, ERIC HOLDER, WHO SET UP THE BIGGEST AMERICAN LIE SINCE 9/11 ! "IF" ! Q

  11. A little to late Joe! Hunter and you are already exposed for corruption!

  12. Laughable. Please tell us the total amount that Hunter,who is ignorant as a business man, took from other countries.

  13. The only way Joe Biden wins is if they steal the election!

  14. What is this old man talking about, there was NO transparency under Obama's presidency! That's because they were all corrupt!

  15. In other words he got caught and will need to be more careful about his criminal activities in the future. Squeaky clean Obummer years, LOL, what a fricking joke this guy is….

  16. Obama and Bidens ADMINISTRATION was squeaky clean ???????? Biden,it was everything but squeaky clean

  17. Cronyism, hell– it's clear-cut NEPOTISM, but that hardly matters. WE THE PEOPLE VOW TO BAN YOU— A SELLOUT AND CAREER CRIMINAL, a GOVERNMENT THIEF AND TRAITOR, without the uselessness of having you needlessly go through the stresses of an election. You ARE NOT EVEN WORTHY TO BE A JANITOR for a presidential candidate. 'Candidate" means "dressed in white", you filthy traitor !

  18. A man with ETHICS knows he shouldnt cheat on his wife, An MORAL man WONT cheat on his wife. Biden, you lose, face it, step down now.

  19. Impeach and take off ballot. We are not overlooking it. He should show in IG report

  20. He is quilty of impeachmemt amd.he got money too

  21. He is corrupt. He lies. He is lying 2nd time. You have to deal with other countries. Nope not with Obama and Hillary. He is quilty of corruption no one will vote for him period

  22. Joe thinks people are going to believe a habitual liar… Biden can go pound sand up his @$$.

  23. I hate Biden. He gives me Jim Crow vibes. The hell was Barack thinking of picking him as VP??

  24. Biden's promise to ban family members from foreign affairs reeks of DESPERATION.

  25. Wait a minute! Why didn't he know that it was corrupt when he did it as VP. In fact, Biden bragged about it to the Council on Foreign Affairs. I guess they made enough money already.

  26. caught with both hands in the cookie jar!


  28. Biden: Vote for me and my son and I will stop being corrupt.

  29. Is Biden and Hunter going to return all that money ? How did Oboma's daughters both become worth millions ? and they never held a "JOB" .

  30. Only a fool would believe a Biden. If Joe or Hunter had any integrity they would NOT have done what they did with Ukraine and China, in the first place. They got called out so now it's time to try and fool the people that it was unintentional. BS

  31. Didn't hear that, did you?

  32. Is he going to give back the money?

  33. The woman on the panel is a democrat in hiding. Hear her defending joe and smearing “trump dynasty”. Yes, woman, I believe joe’s words that his office (IF he is elected EVER) would be “squeaky clean” as he vows (no less clean than bill Clinton’s Oval Office).

  34. It's to late Joe to bar the door after the horse got out. Your a LOSER ! Your arrest should be coming soon.

  35. Political corruption is everywhere! Biden needs to drop out!

  36. Hunter Biden should leave the Chinese company when he heard Trump is elected. Now it's too late for Biden and son. Biden is a loser now, don't dream if he is president then Hunter gets more cracks.

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