Sunday , December 5 2021
Home / News / Biden, VP Harris speak at celebration of the MLK Jr. Memorial

Biden, VP Harris speak at celebration of the MLK Jr. Memorial

POTUS & VPOTUS deliver remarks at the 10th anniversary celebration of the dedication of the MLK Jr. Memorial

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  1. MLK racist now because he looked as people as people ????

  2. This man is the biggest racist in Washington

  3. Martin Luther King was a Republican

  4. All this talk about can’t have any heat but they stand there and say that but yet they hate Donald Trump so what does that supposed to mean means they’re full of it

  5. You gave the eulogy at the grand Wizard’s funeral

  6. Joe your family was slaveowners wonder if everybody knows that

  7. I immediately turned off the sound. I don’t need that cackled voice in my head today. God what an injustice to MLK. This idiot is a sham.

  8. The so called Vice President is as fake as they come and is racist and makes me want to puke just listening to her fakey voice

  9. You are not gonna show biden picking up paper from Kamala's feet?

  10. our great uniter and Virus conqueror… HAHAHAHA… what a joke, what a buffoon , what a loaded weapon held to the head of America the democrats put into the white house.. Absolutely useless… What has he done?

  11. Why does the 🥔 yell? and
    then whiiiissspperrrrr?👀

  12. Why is Kamelaaaah's left arm flapping like a limp wing..left wing, and limp🤔😂 just like her politics,💯😂

  13. Every African American should be embarrassed by these two con artists

  14. Time to retire grandpa Brandon

  15. Instant cackling, poorly written speech…..Heels Up Harris is so predictable

  16. Lie after lie, and that had what to do with MLK!

  17. It would be nice if Biden could get up and speak of positive things happening but he can only talk about crappy stuff all of which he is responsible for. "Biden is a Bummer"

  18. the statue you took down? is that what your taking about? your fool

  19. Phucc pee doh file joejinping talibiden.

  20. 35:38. This Is sad for sure ☹ seems out of context.

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  22. Did you hear the crowd. So loud had to turn volume down. When all 6 clapped was deafening

  23. Take a shot / drink every time Brandon says “uhh”

  24. Whoopty doo dah day! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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