Thursday , December 2 2021
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Biden’s energy approach is a ‘lose-lose-lose policy’: Alaska Sen. Sullivan

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan on President Biden’s approach to gas prices, China and Taiwan. #FOXBusiness

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  1. Time to say no to Joe.

    Joe is catering to the Chinese and Russians.

  2. Let's circle back the LSD flower child's of the 60s has violated America's cival rights wheres million air Al sharpen Americas civil rights been violated defund civil rights America don't needem has enough laws someone add

  3. people are parasites, draining this planet of everything it has.

  4. planet full of sheeps.

    I'm getting in my UFO and leaving 2022 I'm out.

  5. And the communists that voted for him

  6. Time to ignore Sloppy Joe and start domestic sources back up. Shove the fools out of the way!!

  7. We all know is Biden go the wrong way, but no one can do anything about that. Is that the freedom we got now? what kink did the government we had, what job of the house in DC?

  8. Standing down and standing by! Democrats can’t have chaos without manmade crises. Chaos will lead to more government controls and interference into our daily lives. I fear for those that were all ready living paycheck to paycheck. This will be a long, cold, and deadly winter for them.

  9. I guess we can go back to horse and buggy ..OH, wait we can't do that either, Biden would screw that up too….lol

  10. Why is she interrupting her guest? We don’t need the constant yeah, yeah, yeah either. Please.

  11. Well people didn’t want Trump or his policies, so now they’re getting the opposite. Instead of win win win, it’s lose lose lose…


  13. What is wrong with Biden??? Get our domestic pipeline back up in full operation and stop begging Russia. Senator Sullivan… please keep being the warrior you are! Semper fi.

  14. Saudi Arabia does care about climate change Senator, we feel it too. 10 billion trees will be implanted from now to 2030, 450 million trees this year, among other projects included in the green initiative.

  15. Beavis Biden began destroying American soviergnty his first week in office. He killed our energy policy and our Border security. Then he went into Afghanistan and did everything backward. And right before he did these things, he lied and said he wasn't going to do these things.
    China is not fooled. They know Beavis is incapable.
    You cannot blame Trump. And you cannot blame Covid.
    Beavis and the DemoDreamers have to go.

  16. I wish she would be quiet.

  17. Biden did NOT write nor read any of those Executive Orders he signed on Day One, so he's completely forgotten them already. He thinks this is the '70's Oil Crisis, which is why he is begging OPEC to produce more. No doubt Putin and Xi are buying all Hunter's "art" at millions each, of which the "Big Guy" gets a thick percentage! FJB

  18. It's Biden's "CONTROLLED DEMOLITION" of the whole country!

  19. California is 4. 50 a galon

  20. Alaseca oil bank china all give 👍 how martch ?

  21. China 🇨🇳 and usa 🇺🇸 alasca oil bank deal ok 👍

  22. Crash the oil market…massive inflation. Crash the shipping supply chain…massive inflation. Pay people not to work….massive inflation. Move all production of goods offshore….massive inflation. End world faith in the dollar…..massive inflation. This all equals the GREAT RESET. It crashes all wealth worldwide except the for elite wealth.

  23. Until "We The People" stand against this abject failure of an administration, the circus continues.

    CALL – WRITE – EMAIL your reps/senators OFTEN even if they are not the people you voted for. STAND America !!!

    Continuing to complain on social sites does nothing.

  24. So what else do you expect from Democrats !!!!!!!!!

  25. If Biden was Australian PM he would have been replaced by his own party by now. We have a much better system.
    US has to put up with his stupidity for another 3 years …………crazy

  26. Keystone pipeline canceled. Enjoy your Biden time.

  27. Why doesn’t Faux Biden want to be independent oil producers? Simple. He owes the Mid East and China something. If he doesn’t buy oils from them, they rat him out. I swear they have something on him.

  28. He doesn’t have answers? That seems to be how Faux Biden operates during press conferences.

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