Tuesday , June 28 2022

Biden's gas tax 'slap in the face' to Green New Deal agenda: Laffer

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer discusses Biden’s federal gas tax and the importance of monitoring the stock market.

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  1. Having to import oil from foreign countries sets it up to damaging our oceans when it has to come in by ship's!!! Right now we have oil tankers sitting in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis!!! chance of leaking in our Beautiful bay!!! I thought all this nonsense was to help the environment!! How is that helping our waters??? If they want to help Americans, tell him to open our pipelines and allow pumping our own resources!!!

  2. JoJo.. JOE, sit down in the primary classroom and shut the mouth. I go to explain you What it´s INFLATION. And where is coming from.. OK JOE?. Remember the day sitting in the Oval Office signing the pile of carpets on your table; so the problem is the PENS you used to lay down your signature on these carpets, destroying the KEYSTONE PIPELINE and all what TRUMP´S BUILT during his term. We go to take these PENS and stuck them in your rear end. You´re good for GUANTANAMO..


  4. This guy is as delusional as lyin'joe if he thinks that this shows lyin'joe is doing something

  5. Which agenda deserves it most!?

  6. If Biden cared, he would reverse all of his attacks on our energy independence. Why the hell would he make a 5,000 mile trip to beg the Saudi’s for energy when our own country has way more than we could ever use?? This is absolutely effing ridiculous. Hey Creepy Joe, what will your CARBON FOOTPRINT measure from that trip??? Bloody hypocrite!!!! Utterly senseless.

  7. Buy RIOT now, A huge breakout is coming as Institution buying turns with crypto gains on the way. SEMPER FI

  8. The green new deal does not need to be slapped in the face. It needs to have its skull crushed.

  9. It's not truly gonna work because after that you going back to higher fuel price period……

  10. Notice that these corrupt career politiicians use these gimmicks just a few months before an election. They care about staying in power, not about the people who live in this country.

  11. Heh, the Green New Deal is just a load of empty garbage anyways. And once again, Dems still can't take steps that actually start to address the real roots of this problem.

  12. Oh boy !!! After a year of paying for this administrations stupid, you can save 1 whole f'n dollar, lmfao !!!

  13. Still Vote these MFers Out

  14. We really need former vice president Mike pence to run for president of 2024. He will have my vote.

  15. Unprincipled hackery trying to save the votes that are already gone.

  16. Does anyone else notice that windmills are intermittent with the wind and solar is intermittent with the sun. Just like Bidens brain when he's speaking. Let's go Brandon.

  17. He doesn’t care that’s the problem

  18. My greatest happiness is the $ 28,000 biweekly profit I get consistently


  20. The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. ALEX EPSTEIN 's "Fossil Future" on sale now June,2022

  21. 4 of the top 5 states with the highest bankruptcy rate are the Republican-led states of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee.

  22. 🤙💬he actually does 👍

  23. Has anyone noticed that "Sky News Australia" and "Fox News" are slamming and disrespecting President Biden constantly? On the other hand they seem to love Donald Trump. It seems to me that President Biden is doing a great job saving the world right now. I wonder how much money Donald Trump (or Russia) is paying "Sky News Australia" to produce these disrespectful YouTube videos? Check it out for yourself. Go to Sky News Australia's channel and hit the search button. Type in "Biden" then type in "Trump". Sky News Australia reporters are certainly not as intelligent or experienced as President Joe Biden. I stopped counting the disrespectful videos at 100. Biden is doing a great job saving the world right now. Pick on someone in your own country please and stop trying to reduce the respect of Joe Biden when he needs it the most. Do you guys think the current president (whoever it is) should have a little respect while running the country and trying to save the world. By the way – Trump probably will not be able to pay you any more once he is charged with Treason. I have to wonder if "Sky News Australia" is run by Lavrov?

  24. Every day he's in office will take two days to fix his mess.

  25. What 18 cents y bother

  26. 2$ a tank savings is caring since he increased a tank by at least 60$.

  27. I think we are going to skip right over a resection and go right into a depression , thanks to joe rob a nation Biden . Wonder what kind of soup there going to have in the lines ?

  28. You can’t fix STUPID !

  29. Biden tried to shut down the signal

  30. Democrats vote fored nating good pay now so happy happy

  31. Obiden take your green and shove it

  32. This is a farce , terrorists flown in by night, wounder How damage terrorists will be done to your green environment ?

  33. The American people better wake up!!!!!! dumeass Biden said he was going to do this to the oil industry.

  34. Now if he can come up with 2000 more ideas like that he can save America.

  35. Media stunt for weak minded voters..imo

  36. ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DA 18 cents savings!!! HOORAY!!!! THANKS BIDEN!!!! You're the greatest!!!

  37. 2:03 Yeah in Ca. that is over 6 dollars a gallon , just in Gov. Newsom still debating for over 3 months now on a tax break for their citizens/illegal alien.

  38. 2:03 Big brother to the rescue.

  39. When the peasants starts throwing rotten cabbage and tomatoes, give them stale bread, that should do it.

  40. There is ALWAYS an alterior motive . Gosh i hope we still get that 6 cents off hotdogs for Independence Day – American Pride Month !!

  41. If this tax goes through. the stations and oil cartels will still keep raising the price negating the offset, Are we stupid or what!

  42. One way to solve this is for patriotic Americans remove these domestic enemies!!!!! This is a disgrace

  43. Where is Biden"s net zero goal?



  46. Ol' Joe gots this economy and fuel deal figured out !

  47. Tweety's defense is that he's stupid and delusional. His cult members that attacked our U.S. Capitol are using the defense that they're weak-minded, empty-headed traitors that were brainwashed by propaganda. Losers all the way. Lock 'em up!!!

  48. 60 percent of oil must come from Russia. Because the price has tripled since Trump. Dont trust Biden….he's as smart as a 6th grader.

  49. There's only one way to solve it and that is the energy independent in your own country especially when you have huge amounts of resources. Come on man!