Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Biden's support of Amazon union push sparks controversy

President Biden’s support for the Amazon union push at an Alabama warehouse draws criticism.

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  1. Amazon and the rest of Big Tech all "fortified" Biden into office… And Biden now has the gall to push unions into Amazon? I guess you DESERVE THIS, AMAZON.

  2. 75 MILLION: What do people expect? Because our Leaders that we put in office refused to halt the 2020 Election for 10 days so they could prove or disprove VOTER FRAUD, were to scared to stand up to the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS! Now we're are stuck with Joe Mushhead! VOTER ID ASAP THROUGH OUT OUR NATION!

  3. Wait what? 😂 I heard he said he was promoting our rights on your video

  4. Biden just said make your voice heard sounds like he's inciting a violent riot.

  5. Bezos stated , Yes they vote in person but no way I will allow mail in ballets. To much fraud with that. Imagine that, remind you of something

  6. Dr Jill is running the USA think about that..

  7. He's just praising the takedown of the video giving the history of Clarence Thomas during black history. How many times do they have to go after that great justice?

  8. Charles…. find the truth

  9. More Union 💰💰 💵 💰 for himself and Democrats is all Biden cares about….

    iGnoRanT dEmEnTeD nOnE oF yOuR bUsInEsS tO cOmMeNt FrAdUlEnT cLaIm tO bE iN 45's oFfIcE!!!

    Everybody should know by now the mAfIa CONTROLS a lot of UNIONS, not just the tEaMsTeRs!!!

    If workers want to JOIN UNIONS GO GET A UNION JOB!
    No one has the right to FORCE their CHOICES on ANYONE!!!
    Including the gazzilionaire company AMAZON!

  11. It should be no presidency should be able to cut union jobs


  13. Biden's support of unions is a joke. China does not have unions and he has been sending jobs there for decades!

  14. Well don't be surprised if Amazon starts closing their doors and I hope they do

  15. Wow!!!! Biden looks really frail.

  16. Optics on Biden's part. Amazon will come out smelling like a rose even if employees do unionize because there will be political throttles on their attempts to tl get reasonable pay, etc.

  17. Unions was created by the mafia it destroys jobs and businesses


  19. Biden couldn't support a good fart bubble….

  20. Biden and the bafoons dont give 2 shits about the american people, They are driving our beautiful country into the ground, and it only took a month, My hats off to you ASSHATS. Go live in China with your buddies where you belong

  21. biden will beat America to it's knees before a Revolution occurs.

  22. Reports that Joe Biden won the election are disputed.

  23. Labor unions have outlived their usefulness. 🤔🧐

  24. I wwonder if Besos will stop funding him now

  25. FOX sucks….

    Tucker, Sean are cool, but Maria still rules

  26. Notice no mention of bezo's complaints about the workers using mail in ballots. Lmao. The Dems are so 2faced and I believe they actually think we're falling in line with their agenda. lmao

  27. president who?😆😂😁🤣

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