Friday , January 15 2021
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Biden's Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Delivers Remarks | NBC News

President-elect Joe Biden’s nominee to serve as Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, urged that “it’s essential that we move with urgency” to provide economic relief for Americans amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
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Biden’s Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen Delivers Remarks | NBC News


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  1. What a great Secretary of Treasure she would be , thanks Mr. President Biden ,

  2. I cant even read these comments because the left is so far gone it's just insane.

  3. Amazing speech , so happy that we have a new well educated , smart , human, Treasury Secretary .

  4. Boy she sounded old frail and slow!!

  5. Treasury secretary has ONE job…stabilize the American monetary system. So what does Janet Yellin pledge to do out the gate…..Turn the nations monetary system into a social justice weapon for leftists……yeah……good job Democrats. Guess we now know why she posted a picture of herself wearing a hat with a hammer and Sycle on it. After being called out on it she claims THAT was a russian disinformation ploy. Those russians are pretty clever….they turned back the clock a few years and talked janet yellin into posting a picture of herself wearing a hat with a hammer and sycle on it so that they could use it to discredit joe biden (i guess….) who was the russian pick for president…..I guess….it's all a little fuzzy to me…I'm not a Democrat…I'm sure it makes perfect sense to a Democrat…judging by the well thought out glowing comments by the Democrat knob slobberers.

  6. Oh, we know you think about us. You think about those nasty savers, precious metal stackers and crypto buyers trying to flee from the collapsing purchasing power of a dollar you pumped to prop up Wall St. Banks and Billionaires. Public trust in you is gone.

  7. Everything will remain the same! Nothing will change! The one percent are getting everything! End transmission

  8. Well, wait till Janet destroys the value of the dollar… then obiden will ask Obama’s permission and AOC for her blessing to hand over most of our middle class jobs to China… after all, that’s the end game here right? The biggest polluter on earth and the libs are kissing their arses.!!

  9. swamp bureacrat: blablabla
    Listener: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. 'For The People' is back.

  11. Wake up Joe! Dude fell asleep again.

  12. I'm liking how many people in Biden's administration have deep roots in blue-collar economics. The middle-class family was the glue that held this country together – its demise resulted in the dysfunction and crisis we now live with. Maybe we can really make America great once more and today's children can dream of a bright future again.

  13. Beautiful speech It’s a dream

  14. I love her speech. Somebody wrote it all down for her to read. Well done that was a lot pages to read. Wonder if they used Britain speech again.
    Biden does a lot of plagiarism. It's Been proven back in 87,88.
    Until he got caught.

  15. A little song that will help you remember!
    Ray Stevens
    Mr President!

    I think Pelosi is going on vacation again! It is not We the People that will see but a paltry amount of these trillions of dollar stimulus packages. The lions share will be wasted on programs that would not pass on their own merit!

    But programs designed to enrich the public servants that created them, their relatives and worst of all the Chinese Communist Party will just continue to buy up our debt .

    We will only see their results when these tax and spend fake democrats devalue our dollar again (hyper inflation)! I for one cannot bring myself to pay a $1.49 for a 5 cent candy bar $4 to $5 a gallon for gasoline ! These are not traditional democrats that fight inflation, fight for affordable housing. They are nothing but scammers selling out our Great Nation. Pushing the communist new world order to steal our money, our freedom !

  16. A thousand times better than Mnuchin! Even more!

  17. Another old fart like wobble pop Joe 💩💩👍🏿

  18. How come everyone in this new administration is about to die. Cant we find anyone to help this country out that's not 150 years old

  19. 1:37 I have no more stress with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  20. 3 states de-certifying the Biden vote 😍 CNN already accepting the clearest path Trump can take to win (Legislature authority to de-certify due to the U.S. Constitution and the House of Reps). If you watch CNN long enough, you will notice how they trend from rejection-hostile backlash-acknowledging evidence once it arrives in the legislature on its way to the highest courts-remembering how the Constitution (that they hate) actually works. As much as they lie and brainwash their followers, at least they recognize when the tide turns. We warned you 2 years ago not to follow through with this, Joe Biden. But you did not listen, and now you are suffering the consequences. And there is nothing you can do to stop this.

  21. In my opinion
    As bidin picks his people
    As he should. As we listen to what their Aproach will be toward the economy or where ever.
    I can only hear an echo from the words of
    things being said today from the bidin team is the same thing
    Had been saying the whole time.
    And he had put some of these things in motion.

  22. This person is deceived, and holds her thoughts high for a man who can't remember who he's running against for presidency.

  23. Goodness knows what problems she will face trying up the mess left by her predecessor and Trump. The trillions given to big business to keep the stock market artificially high instead of maintaining their business to the benefit of their employees and US as a whole , not just the top 0.01%.

  24. Telling it like it is instead of republicans shouting about how great the Dow is. That means nothing to a regular person with no income.

  25. I never heard trump.people talk like them.good in ear

  26. Wow!! “ mr president elect” that is an absolute disgrace and a blatant threat to your democracy by these illegitimate claims!! Isn’t it the constitutio that declares that title only! This is an attempt to psychologically impress on the minds of the people that all is well while in actual fact your country is torn apart!….

    Why are you lying to your people!… you are concealing the truth!… I’m Irish living in Ireland and I can see the fraud from this far!… you are not showing the hundreads who sworn affidavits telling the world what they witnesses, only YOU ARE NOT COVERING THAT!…. Why

    Biden wants to unite he says, the only way to unite is by a fair election!! This election was stolen and if you support this act of evil whereby this president swears by an oath to God on the bases of falsehood, you better be prepared for Divine Justice because this is sacrilege !!!!

  27. Pandering and appeasing and giving in to bullies is the wrong way especially when you ignore or violate the laws and constitution as well.!!!

    Brilliant information in below link.

  28. We all think better days are ahead…that's like saying everybody just go jump off a bridge by now in 2020… And btw…who is this old …wrinkled…saggy skin demon talking

  29. Love her 🗣🗣❤️❤️❤️

  30. Let’s me guess is Jessica Fletcher going to be the new minister of Law and Order? My only hope is that Betty White might be getting a regular gig on SNL.
    Doesn’t matter, anything is better than Trump and nasties

  31. 0:27 I have no more stress with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  32. Janet yellen =wall street piece of trash

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