Thursday , December 3 2020
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Big Pharma Doesn't Want You to Hear This Health Care Story | NowThis

‘They can kick you off the medicine any time they want.’ — Big Pharma doesn’t want you to hear this couple’s story as they told it to Rep. Abigail Spanberger.
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In US news and current events today, this couple opened up to Rep. Abigail Spanberger about how they were screwed over by the pharmaceutical industry (industry) and U.S. health care system. The couple explained how their healthcare company one day decided their prescription drugs would no longer be covered. Reps like Spanberger and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are trying to fight this malfeasance from pharmaceutical companies and health care providers.

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  1. Big pharma is the only one to blame for the opioid epidemic in the United States.

  2. Well, here in Italy (like any other normal country) health is a RIGHT. In the US, if you’re rich you live, if not you die. Shame on you

  3. America is all about Business

  4. “Big Pharma” = Jewish bankers.

  5. And still there are people with the nerve to say they "do not want the government deciding what health care / medicines I need"… and this insurance company telling this woman, in a way, what medicaments to have, instead of her doctor.

  6. Canada is looking really good right now!

  7. We the people. What happened

  8. But no one's going to do anything about it, just whine about it and pay for your meds.

  9. You Americans really need to open your eyes and see why you need to campaign and vote for Andrew Yang. That's why they're all trying to silence him on the media, like they tried to silence Ronan Farrow when he went after Harvey Weinstein.

  10. I happen to know this fact that supports the message of this video. “the price of Edaravone in Japan in 2017 was $5,000, the US price at launch was around $145,000.” It is actually cheaper to fly from the US to Japan, get diagnosed legitimately by a doctor, get the medicine and fly back to the US with it. Ridiculous.

  11. And some idiots have the gall to say people like their health insurance.

  12. Ask your president. Not big pharma.

  13. In Australia we have the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). The government put expensive drugs on the PBS which means they subsidise the drug so the everyday person can afford them. I am of the opinion that the pharmaceutical companies abuse this by deliberately over pricing their medications to make larger profits which we as tax payers ultimately pay for anyway.

  14. American monarchy at it's finest. Responsibility and true leadership for our people should be earned not bought 😳

  15. To note: sell people kits to cook their own drugs at home for a fraction of a cost.

  16. I'm not 100% sure but my recollection is that the Republicans in Congress killed the ability of Medicare to negotiate drug prices. Can anyone confirm?

  17. Can Trump provide any explanation why he will Veto this legislation?

  18. The house passed bill so can negotiate prices but now it’s sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk along with a bunch of other bills that have been passed in the house he is ignoring!!!

  19. It seems like America don’t want to help Americans… talk about UNITED

  20. You know if Democrats would focus on this and fighting big corporate interests instead of Trump they would win.

  21. I know how they feel I'm on anti-rejection drug for post kidney transplant and the drugs are stupidly high-priced even though they've been out for 20 years and they are a quarter of the price in Europe.

  22. The US Health care system is the sickest thing in the US.

    Profit over lives. You end up ultimately with Trump.

  23. And this is why Bernie Sanders needs to be president. Lowering drug prices is a small piece of the puzzle.

  24. “Obviously these people have not worked hard enough to be able to afford there prescription drugs. This is America the land of opportunity. If you find yourself in trouble the problem is YOU” – GOP

  25. Hey Canadians! Look, it’s our future if you buy into health insurance companies! Watch Adam ruins everything on big pharma

  26. This government is treating its own citizens worse then they treat others. How backwards is that

  27. And to bring in the new year, Big Pharma just increased the prices on 400 pharmaceuticals.

  28. For all the republican prolifers, why aren't they talking about this? Why are they still supporting trump who wants to veto the bill that will save lives??;!

  29. Forced to exist in a country but you have to pee alot exist for a little.

    You can't go to the other country to get medicine.
    I don't know why I'm just doing.

  30. The law killing unnecessary people I wish that archetype cared more.

    The giant contract in the sky is being ripped.

  31. Here in nz we pay a average of $2 per prescription , I can't believe a country can do this to their citizens

  32. America is just greedy. This is one of the deadliest sins, greed. You all will perish. Good luck, Americans.

  33. Why do you need to take drugs to live ?
    Eat better

  34. But we just spent 1.4 trillion on the military again. How can we pay for that and afford that and not be able to afford Medicare for All?

  35. We all want life saving drugs when we need them. We don’t want to wait 10 yrs for trials out in the population. We hate bad drugs and bad decisions. Big pharma needs to work with the gov.’s Surgeon Generals Office and work out a deal. A plan for Responsible care of Humanity over Profits. No cutting corners unless supervised by the Surgeon General (when you’re dying, you will try anything) Do we have a surgeon general? It’s not Jackson is it?

  36. America. Land of the free, more like land of thr greedy

  37. Why don’t you just line all the (us) aged and disabled population up and shoot ‘em (me), drumpf ???
    The price of an EPI pen was simply outrageous and something so life saving. Wow !! What is the price of a person, child, elderly?

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