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Big tech titans end down as US-China trade tensions escalate

Tech stocks ended down, possibly due to the ongoing U.S.-China trade tensions.

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  1. There are so many snowflakes using the stock market. Just buy American and you won't be such a snowflake.

  2. …When new York City falls, so will the world economy. And then a new day of the rise of HOMELESSNESS begins..

  3. Big tech titans end down.
    Fruits of working with thieves who have been stealing from USA.

  4. Like Chinaboy said, don't call don't text don't email……..stop it soyboy, move on please, we don't need you

  5. Dow Jones average after first 31 months in office:
    Donald Trump; +29%, Barack Obama; +45%, George Bush Jr; -15%, Bill Clinton; +39%

  6. It is ok only the Far left businesses was hurt.

  7. Outsourcing bastards deserve it

  8. WOW, How's it feel to be Demonetized?

  9. 5 years to get out of China? Let's do it's going to get more difficult to do so as time goes on.

  10. The tariffs hurt Big Tech as well as China? It sounds like it was a win-win for the US!

  11. These billionaire tech giants have been living off the sweat and blood of the Chinese slave labor for years. They send technology with the blue prints and “How to” ideas to a foreign country where they get cheap labor and quadruple the costs to the consumers. While the foreign company steals, utilizes and sells the technology to others. To ultimately find that this technology will be utilized against us one day. Don’t feel sorry for any of these tech companies or their investors.

  12. moved to china for cheap labor, now paying more. GREAT, SCREW'EM!!!

  13. Now is the time to start buying and selling.

  14. google hates trump and 100mil trumplicans !!!and any body right of bernie !! !!!!!!!! pay back time !!!! coming fast !!!!! says over stock ceo !!!! !!!!!!!lock them all up for political espionage !!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. commie;; china and russia !!should never been trusted ~!!!!!!!!thanks to !!!! ;;; evil rino msm george soros funding !!!!!!!commie maxist antifa blm demonkkkrat traitors !!!!!!!!!lock them all up !!! for political espionage !!!!!!!!!against president trump and 100 mil trumplicans !!!!!~!!!

  16. Shift supply chains to India. Trade deals with India!

  17. Good to see Amazon down. They make nothing. They provide nothing. You have to be an idiot to buy from Amazon

  18. Who cares? Stock will pick up again

  19. It is interesting though….most of the stocks she shows on the screen actually 'produce' nothing…..(maybe Apple, and Amazon 'sells' stuff)…. but overall it's just services, and software… I remember 2 things Obama said at different times in his administration …. not quoting here but he said that if America was going to get 'better' it would 'hurt, and hurt alot'….(maybe we are going to start hurting, but maybe we need it) and second he said, that 'alot of the old industries and jobs won't come back to the US'…..well, HE was a slick tongued 'defeatist' …. maybe, just maybe those jobs will start returning….we can only hope….(ah….remember that from Obama too….'Hope and Change'??)… Maybe it's going to be Trump that will actually fulfill those words…..Trump 2020

  20. They have their businesses in China,they should move there! That's because the Chinese have businesses jammed up! That's what can happen when you go for global greed! The rust belt hurt when you left, now its your turn!

  21. may cause a rusj to buy a bew IPhone b4 Xmas.

  22. You know the market does go down just like it goes up right ??? Why the surprise??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  23. All those greedy tech companies deserve what they get!

  24. These so-called "Big Tech Titans" are the same ***hats that took industry out of the US in order to turn a greater profit. You hurt us, now you're tasting some of your own medicine!

  25. Shows how much they rely on China. .. kick em in the nuts harder please

  26. Move back, and pay decent wages, to Americans 😉

  27. Need to wean Big Tech off that Commie addiction. Their politics align nicely with what the Chinese are pushing. All designed to tear us down.

  28. Go Trump! Give those greedy corporations a hard swift kick

  29. Tech Giants are trying to control elections. Trump is just showing them that he has the power to cut the head off the beast. Still think Trump is stupid???

    Trump 2020!

  30. So that's what this is all about.
    I honestly thought the cry for recession was coming from the Left. Turns out, it's just Google and company having a tantrum

  31. Knock big tech down harder. Serves them right for being traitors!!

  32. Now China will have to figure how to feed 1.3billion people buying their own crap..Darn the Bad Luck !!

  33. Media who want Trump to lose will just say "trade war bad" every time the stock goes down slightly.

  34. This does not hurt my feelings at all. In fact it pleases me greatly.

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