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Biggest BBL Moments No.10: Morgan's last ball fairytale

With five runs needed to win and one ball remaining, Eoin Morgan lived out every cricketer’s dream to set off wild celebrations from the Sydney Thunder faithful


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  1. As soon as Morg hits he knew it's a BigE and I like the way he jump in the air like a little kid and celebrate

  2. they both played together in kkr too

  3. Cherry on the cake was morgan's celebration ………this video can't be completed without his celebration

  4. Morgan was like celebrating his birthday 😎🙂🤣🤣🤣🏏

  5. Well it's not like the first time Morgan hit a last ball six.
    Remember dinda academy, pune 2014

  6. Morgan and Cummins eh? Looks like I have this pair somewhere before.

  7. morgan usually doesn’t show this much emotion , this moment and after the world cup victory i have seen him show this kind of emotiona

  8. Don't forget the contribution of CUMMINS too.
    What if he didn't get those 22…

  9. Feel for Old Hilfenhaus a little bit…

  10. Want to see him in Sydney Sixers 👍👍👍

  11. Audio quality is pretty bad here

  12. I thought it was going to be caught at the boundary 😂😂

  13. In ipl 14 need form 3 balls nd the same gentleman(Ben helf) bowled 6,4,4. Such a grt bowler

  14. Melbourne star vs syni thunder super over🙄🙄🙄🙄 guess

  15. Feel bad for Hilf, it wasn’t even a bad ball lol. Bowling can be so frustrating sometimes

  16. The shot was class
    The childlike excitement was even better 🤩

  17. That's world cup winning England captain hoping around the pitch like a little kid
    That's cute

  18. You've got to feel bad for Hilfenhaus

  19. This happens very often in IPL !!

  20. What a beautiful spoiler I skipped the video just because of this spoiler

  21. 0:52 Everyone talking about Morgan but no one talking about Hilfenhaus reaction. Feel for him.

  22. Big Bash is always best for energetic commentaries

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