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Bill and Melinda Gates announce divorce | WNT

Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda Gates, announced Monday that they are ending their marriage of 27 years. They said they will continue to work together at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.




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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Kevin Kline going back to his maiden name

  2. she will marry another science teacher like mackenzie did

  3. Well divorce is common in West so not a big issue but yaa it's gonna be the most expensive divorce 🔥

  4. Is it just me, or is Bill always went, "Why did I marry her…", every time he's with her these past couple of months before their divorce?

  5. im sad. they were good together. they gave so much.

  6. Why bother now. I guess they don’t believe in forever love. If you have been married this long might as well just stick with it. Then again they can afford to lead separate lives and be comfortable.

  7. It’s all about money,but life goes on as hanger on seek money,as Bill gets a new office to make more profits, and his x wife new butler to enjoy the drive,

  8. Well that said the pandemic would either make or break relationships that are meant to be.

  9. Nooooooooooo 😭😭😭

  10. 🤦🏻‍♂️whooooatttttttts

  11. this is how women become billionaires

  12. Tinder ad:
    "Manly woman, Melinda, just out of a relationship in which I was not properly 'vaccinated', I'm looking for a fine young man to spend an unforgettable summer with.
    P.S. Owners of 'micro soft' should refrain. "

  13. Cause she is Christian and he is atheist.

  14. They took freedom medal from Obama way too seriously

  15. She will be the #4 richest woman in the world for the next couple months lol

  16. My heart of hearts wants Bill Gates to be the nerd my eyes see. Please let Melinda be the actual evil in that family.

  17. So their company would be like left windows that goes to wife and right windows that goes to Bill gates😁😂

  18. They started the GREAT RESET!

  19. She finally had it with a geek.

  20. I suspect that Melinda doesn’t share Bill’s idea to patent seed …

    Please search Vandana Shiva and her loathing of Bill Gates …

  21. LOL distraction. Who really cares. Unless it’s a super villain vs super villain

  22. For someone who’s wealth was largely made sucking bills dock, she talks a lot.

  23. Can't wait to see you people get sued for purposely broadcasting false news! You CONTINUOUSLY report false news about our President Trump and the hammer is going to come down on you fake media. Hopefully y'all get shut down. You call yourselves journalists, but actually your Far LEFTIST RADICAL RACIST SATANIC CULTISTS. Start telling the damn truth.

  24. Who really cares… if you do then you have no life

  25. Bill Gates is getting divorced, Obama is getting divorced, who's the next? I fucking divorced your freaking show so long time ago! Money doesn't grant you happiness, bla bla, every little kid already knows. What's the news?

  26. Listen up India. Bill Gates is a billionaire bachelor again. With several hundred thousand indian engineers working in the silicon valley, I am sure there is one who will catch his attention. Looking at his past marital life some tips for attracting the eligible man include no make-up, be honest, wear a full dress and apply motherly affection when your instinct tells you.

  27. Hope she takes him for half of everything he owns.

  28. They love each other i know 💙.

  29. it is curious how "philanthropists who GIVE THEIR MONEY AWAY" grow their wealth (in %) way above average. Maybe we should rethink the statement "give their money away". Another way of phrasing this could be "invest their money without paying taxes cause its philanthropy"

  30. Money separates them….she will be one of the richest women in the world because of this divorce. Hope all tech moguls learn from this. Make sure your pre nup is in order before you venture into marriage.

  31. i feel they betrayed me lol

  32. I do not see how this is even newsworthy. Two people that have been married for 27 years are now getting divorced. Big deal, 40% off all marriages fail.

  33. So now we have another women billionaire….

  34. Jeff bezoz and Bill gates both have learnt this the hard way, what are you waiting for make no such mistake.😅

  35. Damn… man if even they not make it.. there's no hope for everybody 😔

  36. Regret to the world to hear that.

  37. Whats sad about it , they likely were no longer in love and that made for an unhappy existence, it happens every day , why act surprised you idiots. I'm sure with there money true is right around the corner. Seriously though a lot of people as they grow older fall out of love , im sure they will always care about each other , they just don't love each other any more. So be happy there looking to find someone they can be in love with again. And my finall thoughts are worry about your own life and relationship, Bill Gates and his wife should not interest you or sadden you . Why are people so concerned about them . It's really nobody's business and if your so sad about there break up maybe there is some thing missing in your lives , that u have to be so concerned about there divorce. GET A LIFE PEOPLE

  38. Even she's tired of this planned pendemic

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