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Bill Clinton admitted to hospital l ABC News

The former president was admitted to a hospital in California and is recovering from an infection, a spokesperson said.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Hmm, that STD finally caught up with ol' Bill..

  2. Hopefully he doesn’t make it

  3. How many females did he rape before they elected him. Was it about 7…? Ive forgotten.
    Anywho…hope he gets very very sick. At least that way women are safer.

  4. Fun Fact:Another cause of heart disease and damage is cocaine use .

  5. 👏👏👏👏 keep him there! 🍻 here's to him never leaving the hospital! 🖕jb!

  6. Joe Biden is older than Bill Clinton and he’s still in good health.

  7. Did he catch the UTI at the Hillary Bread Factory in China? Just wondering.
    You know nothing can survive Hillary.

  8. Prayers going out to Bill Clinton . He is my hero. I Dont want to lose him.

  9. You know Monica has a dress with traces of sepsis on it. She’s just waiting to get talked into going public on it….

  10. Hillary has gave Bill the bull headed clap.

  11. Come on ABC…… Tell the TRUTH for once. 👍

  12. Such wonderful news to start my day!

  13. Just let us know if he is coming back…

  14. Dipping Bill dipped in too many dirty holes

  15. We need another president like him. He was phenomenal as president.

  16. He's such a nice man. A sweet man.

  17. I bet he regrets paying extra for bb 🤣

  18. Slippery Dic Bill Clinton cheated on hillary all the time and he screwed girls in the White House.

  19. Bill Clinton Admitted to Hospital, says he will admit to nothing else.

  20. Hope he is ok and lives longer

  21. Better get ready for eternity Bill, seriously.

  22. ❤️‍🩹 GET WELL SOON YOU ARE FORGIVEN BILL GODS MERCY ARE A FRESH AND A NEW EVERY MORNING. The group of people that surround you should know better as well as your self.

  23. He is going to meet his maker/Satan. A new sacritice.What a bs report.

  24. Get well soon.

    Unrelated: Chlamydia and gonorrhea can cause UTI.

  25. Guess who is paying for this? Not them !

  26. Did Kankles infect him?
    Could this be his payback.

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