Thursday , January 27 2022
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Bill Nye Takes On Climate Change Deniers | Mach | NBC News

Famed scientist and educator Bill Nye is an outspoken advocate for climate change action. Through elections and scientific innovation, The Science Guy sees a world where climate denialism dies out.
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Bill Nye Takes On Climate Change Deniers | Mach | NBC News


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  1. Climate change is settled just like Big Bang, Gravity, Multiple Universe, and Origin Man, and Total Speices in the universe.

  2. To all the people denying that global warming and climate change is real, you are correct, but also incorrect. Yes, the earth has made it rounds in the climate department in the past, ice ages, heat waves, and other major world wide changes have take place. But, you must keep in mind that that was over thousand of years. This Tim, we are making it happen in a little less than two hundred years. No one is saying that climate change has not happened in the past, they are saying we are making it happen faster that it should be. Saying human-caused climate change isn’t real is a disservice to the people in Florida getting hit by a hurricane right now. Climate change causes more drastic weather more frequently. Hurricane are part of that. Saying human-caused climate change isn’t happening is saying that it’s fine that the Amazon is burning down, that one place in the world helping us still have time to fix this. You may not care, because climate change will majorly impact the poor, and will barely effect the rich. That is why politicians could care less, and why they don’t want it to change. They just want more money. That is all just fact.

  3. It won't be elections and scientific innovation that puts an end to climate change denial – it will be the catastrophic and overwhelming impact of it. I recommend the excellent book The Great Waves of Change (dot org – free online as an ebook) by Marshall Vian Summers to get a good overview of what is coming and how each person can prepare for it.

  4. Every Climate Change Denier (MOSTLY OLD) knows that IT IS MAN MADE but if they agree they loose the moral ground to
    1) EAT MEAT

  5. Maybe just maybe you can change the climate, but whose going to pay off the people that are getting richer and richer by the minute from the climate being what it is today? Heck we can't even recycle materials with out some person or organization getting rich off it. There's allot more to this than Bill Nye and his words

  6. Greenhouse gas driven climate change is a mirage. It's a false narrative created to exploit cap and trade among other financial considerations. It doesn't exist.

  7. The sun light is gas free.
    The sun has no gas. the sun does not emit gas to the air and/or to the earth. the earth gets only sun light from the sun which is gas free.
    The sun is not made of gas.

  8. People will not change u can get some People to go green not everyone if we can get less gasoline cars on the road thats a start and more electric and make electric cars more afordable and reliable even 2 or 3 million

  9. what a fraud. he is a pitiful excuse for a logical human. he wants to say old people are the only ones denying climate change. wrong again bill. he doesn't want old people weighing in because they are old enough to know the climate is the same as it was 100 years ago. God invented climate change, but he calls it the seasons. sit down, shut and quit ruining our lives bill lie.

  10. Bill Nye is a criminal and a liar working for the deep state. There is no man made climate change. What a pack of lies.

  11. This guy has no college… Just a Liberal

  12. Omg, we been indoctrinating everyone for over 30 years, then act shocked that “old” people are the only Denialists. Yeah because in 1989 you told us we had 12 years to fix it and it’s 2019. Gtfo

  13. Bill Nye is an a**. CO2 (never mind man made CO2) has never lead temperature, now or in the past, real data shows that. CO2 is not some kind of poison, it is a cornerstone of life on our planet. Polar bear populations are at their peak since we've been measuring. Ya, remember the polar bears? Arctic ice cover is unchanged over decades…go check the numbers as Bill suggests. The Antarctic has seen the biggest ice gains that mankind has seen on record. The oceans have not risen (aside from the 1mm per year that it has been doing for ages), Miami is still there, Manhattan is still there…and BTW…the oceans rising predictions were made back in the 80s, not just recently with Gore's 'An inconvenient truth". Weather has not gotten more extreme, hurricanes are less, tornadoes are less. Forest fires are not more common. The Amazon burning right now is incorrectly reported. NOAA has changed temperature data, this is fraud. The "97% consensus" has been shown to be a misleading study and claim. Earth hasn't warmed in 15 years…but is being called the "pause". The term "Global Warming" has been changed to "Climate Change" and now to "Climate Crisis"…why is that? Propaganda. And now, you only have 12 years before the end of the world. Seriously? Bill Nye won't debate anybody serious. Al Gore, purchased ocean front property, which doesn't make any sense given his rising ocean claims. "Climate Change" is about wealth re-distribution and Bill Nye is just being a socialist puppet. Do you really believe a climate tax or carbon credit system is going to fix anything? Russia, China, India and Africa will continue to pollute. Whatever North America does will have no impact on earth at all. The sun's current behavior is more in-step with the earths climate than anything else. Should we get rid of pollution? Of course. Should we focus on nuclear energy? Of course, it is really the only alternative solution we have right now to fossil fuels. SO, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD at what point do people do a little bit of their own research to find the truth and wake up to these decades old lies and half-truths? The sky is NOT falling.

  14. When i hear from the republicans that accepting man-made climate change is like accepting socialism…. I pity those poor states of mind.

  15. 2012: Were gonna die!!

    2019 Climate Change: Huh? what is that

  16. Climate change is called the 4 season's been happening for billions of years

  17. AGAIN accelerator is ON, VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  18. Yea the Amazon fire isn’t going to help our situation, also the heat from the fire mix with the summer heat waves isn’t going to end well with the hurricane season switching in high gear :/


  20. Nye is a leftist, not to be trusted, at all.

  21. Since I've been a kid we always watched Bill Nye the science guy. Shout out to Bill Nye. Thank you for your contributions to science and education.

  22. People like Nye are the worst. Worse then celebrities like Harrison Ford or George Clooney, these are just usefull idiots.

    But people like Nye and Lesch are to blame.
    Because they have a responsibility being "scientists" that educate us. A real scientist would neutraly agree that the science is far from setteld.
    These superficial TV scientists are the link between science and public, so they have a lot of power for pseudos.
    Guess nothing changed when it comes to "authorities" since the Millgram Experiment.

  23. heavy business class flyers complain about your resource use…..

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