Tuesday , September 28 2021
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Bizarre birthday tradition continues thanks to stranger | Militarykind

Being hundreds of miles away was never going to stop this mom from giving her sailor son the most amazing birthday gift.
RELATED VIDEO » Son almost drops birthday cake during surprise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73YkyvxuZ0w

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  1. "At least he knows" yes, and to paraphrase Bill and Ted, Be Excellent to each other (and this family and friends are very excellent to each other).
    Happy Birthday and many more…because you already know you are loved and would be missed.
    Hoo ah!

  2. This is what is supposed to be what is protecting us?? Oh jeez, we're in trouble. Where the fuk did all the men go? Grow up!

  3. May whoever is reading this comment have a splendid day today. Be well and stay in touch ❤️

  4. “Mini deployment “ lol. Underway isn’t close.

  5. I'd hardly call a steak dinner every year on his birthday a "bizarre tradition." It seems really normal to me. I was expecting something exciting or different.. This was just anticlimactic.

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