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Blinken: U.S. Has 'A Serious Commitment To Taiwan Being Able To Defend Itself' | Meet The Press

Secretary of State Antony Blinken refuses to tell China that the U.S. will respond militarily to an attack on Taiwan, but commits to helping Taiwan defend itself, during an exclusive interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Blinken: U.S. Has ‘A Serious Commitment To Taiwan Being Able To Defend Itself’ | Meet The Press


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  1. I'm here to read the brain dead comments blaming Trump for this

  2. I think that America have to act let china know.god choose America so America have to cover them and all of nation

  3. That was a yes or no answer, just be plain and answer yes or no

  4. U.S is the past. Blinken and Binden are light and don't see the 21st century. China is the first superpower.

  5. Blah, blah blah…where are you now? Running to China as they take over Taiwan, 12:24am 13 April 2021

  6. No we are NOT!
    Thanks so much Biden for giving over Taiwan to China! Way to go buddy! You and Hunter are doing great! We gotta focus on child trafficking and drugs at our borders! Screw Democracy right! Yeah baby!

  7. What about Japan on throwing their 1.25million ton of radioactive water from Fukushima into the ocean?

  8. If war breaks out between China and America, it will be because of American arrogance.

  9. First off, the not so U.S is deeply rotten on the inside, this is a decaying, permanently fractured nation with many internal enemies. Relying on the Washington D.C regime to be a savior for Taiwan is a fallacy, you won't get that savior. Not only is there a good chance D.C will do nothing if China makes aggressive maneuvers towards Taiwan, there is a real chance that China could defeat military intervention, which is something that was unfathomable 10 years ago but is now a reality. Hong Kong is already under CCP control, nobody dared help Hong Kong, the most Hong Kong got was some feeble mouth noise from a weak and powerless Britain. Taiwan will be no different, when China wants it, they will take it. This is the new reality. Oh those 20th century nuclear powered aircraft carriers that the D.C regime likes to float around the pacific, they will get sunk. There is no reliable defense against the land based missiles that are targeting those ships. They are a massive liability and will not stay afloat if actual conflict starts. They will be sunk, and to make matters worse, the uranium that powers the engines will be on the bottom of the ocean. They are basically floating nuclear power plants. Humiliation and then environmental catastrophe all in one.

  10. Who do you think you are? Nobody but a hypocrite.


  12. This is all part of the depopulation agenda…ww3 is inevitable

  13. Xi has to continue playing chords on his thing to keep the CCP amused … why should be dance to his tune? Blinken's answer was good enough.

  14. China is a next level for US
    It will not be like Afghanistan and Iraq 😆

  15. Defend Taiwan 😂 shut your hole

  16. Whatsapp me for all sort of spell casting

  17. In 1950, we bombed North Korea/China, 1954 bombed Guatemala, 1958 bombed Indonesia,1959 bombed Cuba, 1960 bombed Guatemala, 1964 bombed Kongo, 1964 bombed Laos, 1961 bombed Vietnam, 1969 bombed Cambodia, 1967 bombed Guatemala, 1982, Granada, 1983 bombed Lebanon, 1986 bombed Libya, 1980 bombed Ecuador, 1980 bombed Nicaragua, 1987 bombed Iran, 1989 bombed Panama, 1991 bombed Iraq, 1991 bombed Kuwait, 1993 bombed Somalia, 1994 bombed Bosnia, 1998 bombed Sudan, 1998 bombed Afghan, 1990 bombed Yugoslavia, 2002 bombed Yemen, 1991 bombed Iraq, 2003 bombed Iraq, 2011 bombed Afghan, 2007 bombed Pakistan, 2008 bombed Somalia, 2009 bombed Yemen, 2011 bombed Libya, 2014 bombed Syria.

    But we are very concerned about China invading Taiwan.

  18. Taiwan and China’s business is Taiwan and China’s business. I don’t care to send yet more of our sons and daughters to war over an island In the South seas.

  19. Not with China Joe in office they don't have a freaking chance.

  20. Wow, listen to war mongers and interventionist preaching about ‘peace’?! 😂

    Only idiots would look to US for peace solutions. US signed agreement on ONE CHINA policy, now it pretends it never happened.

    What do you expect a cheating liar, it can break any contract it signed and rearrange everyone all by itself, dictators tyranny at best.

    If US can unilaterally break Iran Nuclear Agreement and punish other countries who honored the signed agreement, there is nothing else US will not resort to the lowest of the low. Total bank tipsy on US credibility, no one trusts US now.

  21. Hey "Blinken"! It's none of your business other countries internal affairs. Stop meddling. You just take care of your country israel. Don't tell other countries what to do, not even to the US. You got that?!

  22. You don't want war, but you keep providing arms to Taiwan and disregarding China. You are saying USA has more right to Taiwan than China. Everywhere USA has meddled in war, chaos and destruction has followed. Just look back at our footsteps. This is one of the reasons why there are so many immigrants waiting at the border gates pleading to enter America. Let's make the world great?

  23. US has done. US went to China in 1945 and tried the best to direct the civil war of China.

  24. Taiwan is screwed. Biden would never step up.
    China advances. US declines.

  25. bunch of political words except "yes" = "no"

  26. Should assist West Australia, California, Scotland & Barcelona to become the Beautiful Independence Countries…

  27. Blinken is blinking, and China knows it.

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