Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Blogger Mail Unboxing! P.O. Box Haul | Fashion Mumblr

Opening my Blogger Mail! See what new launches are in my PO Box this week, plus some first impressions! ALSO GUYS – I want to film a Q&A – if you’ve got any questions for me, please leave in the comments with #FashionMumblrQA at the start, and i’ll answer in the video!

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  1. I’m loving your vlogs xxx💕

  2. I love this! Thanks for such a nice video. I think I might have an addiction to subscription boxes!

  3. Hey do you know chemical can harm your skin?  what do your skin look like without make up?  skin health and its conditions?

  4. Oh my gosh are these products for free? Can you please tell how do companies give you these awesome products???

  5. You look like Freddy cousin brown

  6. Your teeth are amazingly white! Do you whiten them? If so could you do a video explaining how you do it?xx

  7. I find it so strange that you always forget what you've bought some days/weeks ago haha maybe you buy too much?? Just keep going though because i love the products you get 🙂

  8. #FashionMumblrQA how do you achieve all of those things? I mean, what can I do to make the brands what to contact me or send me things, thanks I love your videos 😍

  9. Literally love you so much Deffo one of my faves ❤️❤️

  10. #FashionMumblrQA apart from at home IPL, have you undergone Microdermabrasion or what kinds of facials do you undergo? Any secrets to your flawless skin in this video? xo

  11. Love all your goodies you got. Hope to get some updates on some of these products.  Your makeup looks great and I am so into that lippie you have on!! xoxo

  12. Does qvc ship to Ireland or is it exclusive to the uk?

  13. Love love love your videos <3

  14. When you said sorry if you can hear the rain outside I actually had to pause the video to see if I was hearing rain in your video or rain outside and it turned out to be both haha

  15. Loved your makeup in this video X

  16. I love watching your videos you're so honest and down to earth ( you remind me of my daughter ) I've bought some of the clothes from your clothes haul even though I'm 56 ( I never thought I'd shop in Top Shop again at my age lol ) I bought the gold/ silver crinkle looking culottes. but it just goes to show you're never to old to wear something beautiful I've also bought them in a beautiful pink rose colour from The End for my cruise in September Thank You beautiful lady x

  17. #FashionMumblrQA What is your all time favourite book?

  18. #FashionMumblrQA with all the blogging, filming, editing, social media, events, etc. how do you prioritize/manage your time? Any tips? (Sorry for repeating this question lol, just really curious and desperate for time management tips) Also, I love your blogger mail videos. It's definitely a perk of the job but one you've earned and deserved. You produce such amazing content but keep pushing yourself to do more and are clearly genuinely excited about the products you receive. P.S. the lighting looked fine, a little different than when you have natural lighting but I'm not sure "clinical" is the word I'd use.

  19. loved it….lovely stuff…👍👍

  20. I don't think it's really appropriate to say that jay z and p-diddy are gangsters. They are hip hop artists

  21. Love this videos! You are such a lovely person….such a peaceful way to end the day!

  22. Gorgeous, ! Are you able to do a back to school 'dress code' outfit ideas.. I need some help! Thank you. I really love your style and the UK stores you use are where I shop xx

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