Sunday , January 23 2022
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Blogger Mail Unboxing! P.O Box Haul & New Launches | Fashion Mumblr

Opening up some of my PR mail and event goody bags! Lots of fab new beauty launches 🙂
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  1. Hey guys, please check out @abeautifulserendipidy on instagram!

  2. I love all your videos and the explanations you give for all the clothes and products you share. Would you please let us know the nail polishes you use? They are all so beautiful! Thanks for all the wonderful informatio.

  3. You are so adorable and genuine! Your channel has become my number 1 favourite youtube cannel.

  4. Omg I love your channel. You're so beautiful and talented xo

  5. The Rimmel Super Gel polishes were really disappointing for me, didn't last at all!

  6. Very useful and informative video. Love your videos:)

  7. Love these videos please do more! You get so much lucky! Xx

  8. love these blogger mail videos 🙂

  9. Love your videos, so informative and laid back without the fuss that other YouTubers make. Simple and too the point – love it! Keep doing what you're doing, you're one of my favourite YouTubers.

  10. Loved the video chick! When are the Rimmel products coming out please xx

  11. please do a review about the rimmel eyeliner and the mascara

  12. Love watching your snapchat! Hope you don't stop anytime soon 😊 I like being nosey and seeing what you get sent its nice to see how grateful and lucky you feel. Xx

  13. Loved this video, the rimmel products sound and look fab!

  14. Great video, such great products!

  15. Loved this video 🙂 The Body Shop products look really good, love that they sent you rose petals too will make for great flat lay photos 🙂

  16. Love this video! Definitely do another one please ❤️

  17. Love your channel Josie! Your content just gets better and better and I love the way you're so comfortable in front of the camera and come across so normal and honest. X

  18. The Origins Maskimizer is a face mask primer, not a makeup primer!:)x

  19. I love these videos! you're sooo amazing😍and hello from Slovenia🇸🇮❤

  20. Loved this video! I always love these types of videos, because I'm so nosey hehe

  21. Loving your plait! It looks super cute and really suits you! It would be so nice if you done like a hairstyle video with different hairstyles you like in it and how to do them ❤️💁

  22. gorgeous as always! love these videos xx

  23. amazing haul and mail unboxing!
    Really enjoyed watching.
    thanks for sharing!
    wish you a fab sunday!

  24. What do you mean for "a blonde like me" you're not a natural blonde lol

  25. Would love to see a review on the Rimmel make up !!

  26. The Loc makeup was designed by Tati xx

  27. Such a great video! I really love your hair colour and I would love to dye my hair like it. Random question but what do you ask for at the hairdressers to get your hair this colour? xxx

  28. Great video! By the way I've seen someone else talk about the origins prep spray and I think it's meant to go on before you put a face mask on (to real draw out the impurities) and not before makeup. May be worth having a look to make sure 🙂
    Also a review on the rimmel sheer lipsticks and contour palettes would be amazing!!

  29. Happy Sunday Josie, cos I'm nosy too love this kind of video 😂, thanks for sharing❤️

  30. Love your inboxings on your snapchat and on here! You always seem to grateful for what you received and it's so refreshing 🙂 considering you said you are having a bad hair day your hair looks lovely!!! I'd love to see an everyday makeup tutorial from you, your makeup is always beautiful and you are always glowing!!! Xxx

  31. Love your hair and makeup here! xx

  32. And maybe the borjois lip creams 🙂

  33. One of my favourite types of video!

  34. Incredible video as usual, could u maybe review the blush,bronzer and highlight trios x

  35. So lucky to be sent a lot of things xx amazing video 🙂

  36. Love your videos ! You should have way more likes and subs , your make up is amazeeeee💋😊😊😊💕☺️xxxx

  37. Love your videos and you makeup looks amazing in the video !!!!<3<3xxx

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