Blunt: More people talked to me about Garland in 2016 than any other issue during my tenure

On a special edition of Meet the Press, former Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) defends Senate Republicans’ decision to not seat Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court in 2016.

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  1. 2:18 Say it, you were wrong.

  2. That was honestly the most hypocritical thing I have ever heard. We’ve let the nutjobs bend the rules to their favor.

  3. There are so many more pressing issues to talk about we're re-litigating a 6+ year old issue?

  4. This is the problem chuck tries to treat these republican Russian agents like they are just normal politicians. Call the Domestic terrorist ,domestic Griffin terrorist. Chuck Todd is a joke!

  5. Re: Blunt…So Garland's the problem? Bluny is a Trump / subordinate nothing more.

  6. I bet they did! "this guy garland isn't looking the other way, what are we going to do?"…

  7. This dude is full of BS

  8. Did you ask Garland what he would have wanted? For you to say you were 'sparing him' by not putting him through a hearing is self-serving shameful claptrap. Everyone knows if the shoe were on the other foot Senator Blunt and the other Republicans would be crying for a hearing and claiming foul if they did not get one. Bork got a hearing. He got voted down in a bipartisan manner. It was shameful not to give Garland the same chance.

  9. There is one thing you can say about Blunt, he isn't sharp in anything but lining his pockets with special interest's money. Proud to have voted against him every time he ran.

  10. Senator Blunt is being profoundly dishonest. There is no precedent for what they did to Merrick Garland. What a raft of false equivalences.

  11. Bluntly told, the Supreme Court is political to its core.

  12. The issue is he thinks in sides

  13. People recognize the Republican hypocrisy! They use violence when it suits them. Try to convince everyone that student debt forgiveness is communism but lowering taxes on the rich is simply American. Since Nixon, you have tried to convince us that you're the party of law and order but continue to be the most corrupt people in Washington. Even corrupting our highest court! Don't get used to your slim majority! We will take it back from you!

  14. I have a legitimate question . Why are you continuing to put these lying traitors on tv. Why are you giving them a platform to spread their lies and propaganda and disinformation. I understand the need to present both sides of a discussion but these people don’t have anything legitimate to bring to the table. All they bring is lies and conspiracies and anger and hatred stop giving them a platform.

  15. Garland would have been such a much better Supreme Cour Justice than an AG and a thousand times better justice than Corruption injustice #2 Gorsuch.

  16. Roy Blunt should change his name to Roy Fullofshit

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