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Bodybuilders try the British Army Fitness Test without practice

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Bodybuilders try the British Army Fitness Test without practice

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  1. They look so tired when they FAIL. The crazy thing is that in the Army, it has to be done all over again, IMMEDIATELY

  2. oh my fucking god i found your channel again after 4 years… I remember when you were a tiny channel and you'd do food calorie days in your small kitchen!!!

  3. Camera mans fast 🏃‍♀️

  4. People who are honest know the British army doesn't mess around. The US has the technology but the UK has the training.

  5. Belgian Special Forces must do a 8km run with a backpack of 20kg in less than 50 minutes. Called the Bergham run.
    If you can't succeed you're out and that is on day 1.

  6. I really wish an international consortium would determine who really has the most difficult work out regimen, or basic training! The Navy Seals' "Hell Week" would probably do me in, because I can't go 7 days without sleep. My nerves and sanity would crack.

  7. You half expect Grendel to come out of the mist at 3:00

  8. Try to see how far you can go/run on 24 hour. You can eat and sleep as much you want.

  9. You are selected for military draft

  10. So this is what my father did to reach his school according to him…..



  13. hey guys im suprised you didnt run into that triangle head dude with the big sword

  14. Do the south African paras test

  15. UK police public order shield run in full riot gear

  16. If you had a proper pack with a waist strap then the weight would have been transferred through your hips to your legs and not on your back, also it would not move around on you so much so be kind to yourselves and call it a pass.

  17. guys, Army boots, not trainers

  18. Rescuers on the beach , get their training

  19. Biggest challenge got you two? Get really out the confort zone and run a marathon 🏃 🤟

  20. Why do you guys don't wear coats? If its cold it's the normal thing to do.

  21. Body builder has strenght but not durability

  22. At least you didn’t have a drill sgt yell at you the whole time

  23. I would love to see a regular woman doing this since ofcourse they can do anything a man can do.

  24. F**k that with them stones it’s dead weight, soldiers make up their weight with actual kit which believe it or not is easier to carry than a load of stones

  25. 2:40 😂😂😂😂Mike is looking so fucking small lmao

  26. Are spikes not allowed? Because the reason you failed the test was because of friction. Take a look at the Video and you will see that there is a lot of friction on the slippy gras which costs a lot of time.

  27. These 2 aint men. Alays complaining and scared of the cold lmao. Whats the point in building massive muscles if you cant use them to your survival advantage?

  28. Do the ISIS entry test – 3 rapes and a beheading in under 2 hours

  29. Go to the Isle of Man and do the Parish Walk. 85 miles in 24 hours.

  30. 1. people think the boots are gonna slow you down, no they will help on cross country.

    2. those bags are trash, you need something with a frame so it's not swinging and fucking around. a loaded pack you try to get it strapped as high up on your back as you can and fucking reef on the straps nice and tight and then you use the waist belt to keep it tight all across your upper body. you want minimal swing.

    3. trying to jog with a pack like you would without a pack no no. you need to kinda bend your knees a bit and swing them like a pendulum. kinda like jogging a treadmill vs an eliptical machine.

  31. The actual title should had been "Juice heads try the British Army Fitness Test without practice"

  32. Beast mode conditioning. Everyone is capable of beast mode with conditioning! Head and Shoulders first! Beat the dandruff…with rocks hanging off your back like no other. Now with natural mud.

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