Thursday , September 24 2020
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Boeing discovers another potential 737 Max design flaw

Fox Business Briefs: An audit of the plane’s safety ordered by the FAA discovers problems with the wiring on Boeing 737 Max aircrafts; Delta Airline workers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Land’s End claiming their uniforms are making employees sick.

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  1. If it’s a Boeing I ain’t going

  2. Hey treasonous trump, your good buddies are at it again, are you going to let them off again?

  3. Crazy how they show airbus? Maybe trying to get their stocks down too? Or people at fox are just idiots? It is fox after all where the truth doesn’t matter

  4. Good god!!!! The 737 MAX really is a bad plane as well as a disaster!!! One flaw after another!!! What is it? I'm curious to know what's going on with this stupid plane!!! Let's face it! The plane is doomed and screwed for life and hopefully will never fly again!!!

  5. They should just sell them to ISIS for the low with ALL THE FLAWS

  6. better china the US in china for such corruption officials go to jail or on death's trail true justice

  7. I'm not optimistic about their space ventures.

  8. Yeah…. Lazy reporters. Couldn't download a picture of a BOEING, so they just used AIRBUS

  9. If they had less regulations this wouldn't have happened

  10. Maybe FAA needs to worry about doing there job. On plane's that people fly on. Instead of WORRY about TOY AIRPLANES.

  11. why are you showing video of an Airbus, when Boeing is the one responsible for all those flight deaths.

  12. Are you stupid, that's an airbus…

  13. I don't get how their clothes are making them sick 😑

  14. Cultist state ran propaganda t.v. for facist lovers

  15. blood suckers, am glad they will be exposed & pay fine hefty fine

  16. same company who screwed up in space with the Starliner rendezvous…

  17. Wonder if someone on the inside is purposely screwing their planes up because they know boeing planes are chem-trailing the population? Maybe there are some good guys still left?

  18. Go build basketball hoops instead

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