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Boost survival chances against active shooter | USA TODAY

Experts say that there is no single response that works in every active shooter situation because each one is different, but these tactics can help.

The phenomenon of the mass shooting has grown and changed over the years. So has the thinking on how best to survive one. Experts say that there is no single response that works in every situation because each one is different. Their best advice is to keep your options open, what’s known as multioption response.

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  1. it’s sad we have to make videos like this

  2. Be prepared. Be the armed ready militia our founding fathers wrote into our original documents. The best preparation is to be well trained and proficient, armed.

  3. Hey why do you not get your hypocrite Hollywood weirdos like Jamie Curtis – who has made ?$$$$ on GUN VIOLENCE MOVIES to give all that $$$$$ To The victims of all gun violence crimes. Let go of all security personnel from this moment forward. Move out of their high money neighborhoods onto a Mexico border ranch. With not one single self defense weapon. THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE- if alive this time next year? We might listen. 18,000 violent homicides in Mexico so far this year just over that UNPROTECTED BORDER! Just keep pushing the $$$ paid for propaganda propaganda propaganda

  4. Can America be held accountable?

    One contribution Fox news gave to the human race was to turn the news into a soap opera (as the world turns), I wonder what next week's show is going to be about? Does anybody think that Americans are anything more than a joke with their bald heads, tattoos and their intelligence, putting people in charge with a stick so far up their assholes you wonder why their eyes don't pop every time they sit down? You have opinionated news, a narcissistic billionaire president, and a religion that sells miracles for money. In the criminalization of homelessness, Americans has also lost its liberty in its meaning with unalienable rights to themselves. You watch their kids on spring break having sex and doing drugs laughing with Jerry Springer and idolizing movies that show their academia in their jackass feelings. Anybody that still has a healthy mind probably would not move to America and live what is left of their lives in a soap opera. Maybe common sense will find its way back to America someday, until then it is the loss of pity that people should be feeling sorry for if that makes sense? People don't get mad at me if you don't like what I am saying it is just an opinion and everybody has one and it just doesn't matter anymore except for its humor… Remember how Fox News got a president elected and these are just more jackass movies made to order for better commercials to follow. It is better to step off and vote independent (your own) being a pain in the ass for "stupid is what stupid does" writing letters to the editor yourselves than it is to vote between two evils. You have freedom of speech and a right to vote wait till there is something intelligent to vote for. Today it's more about protecting your rights to be homeless than taking pride in your money that makes you American these days. If you believe America is still the land of the free take a hard look around chances are you already homeless to your flag, it is your pride that's keeping you from admitting it to yourself. It is pride to itself that is hating what it is I am saying today. People who can care about truth accepting that their power is limited by law and its lawmakers might be laughing to themselves that they are American and in my opinion better off in a reality check of time gone by than that of alternative facts claiming to know reality as it is today better than the history books that got them here. (smoke 'em if you got 'em)… LOL

  5. Describe Americe in less than 10 words:
    Mass shootings, wall, LGBT, sanctions, Trump

  6. Haha I’m from the Uk enjoy getting shot Americans 🤠

  7. How to survive a mass shooting?

    Shoot back.

  8. Step off, allow your money to die without purpose, not yourself.

    There is this song you can Google titled (I love the way you hate me). If you could step off the flag and look at America from across the pond and take a vote how many people would say this song should be the new national anthem of the United States? All I am saying is that which is behind all this hate could very well be homelessness to the flag. We allow discrimination for money and the criminalization of homelessness. We are hypocrites to our own Constitution and we have to live with it. There should be no homeless that live in America only through-hikers in life. Many people could get along living out of backpacks and working out of labor pools if this country would allow it. Most people can only know Jesus in church giving money to God's public-relations managers to get the new airplanes they need, if they tried to walk with him they would get arrested. The reality of truth should be allowed to go free but if people are happy with the world the way it is it will just have to be this way and once again the truth be damned. Maybe in the case of the upper-class money can buy happiness. A very old story with a very long history that lived just as well in Caesar's time as it is living today.

  9. #1 Move to any other western country.
    Edit: Any other country whats so ever. I just checked.

  10. For your best chances against an active shooter. Shoot back.

  11. Carry a gun… train how to use it… stop a threat should it present itself…

  12. Spread fear, make people afraid of people. Another divide and conquer piece from conspiracy fake news. Great reporting, U.S.S.R Today!

  13. If every person in America walked around with a semiautomatic weapon with 100 round magazines we would all be safer. Yes or no?

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