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BOOTS HAUL with Charlie! | His & Hers Drugstore Haul | Fashion Mumblr

Charlie and I hit up Boots on Clapham High Street – and here’s what we bought!!!

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❤ Products Mentioned In This Video ❤

Original Source shower scrub: http://bit.ly/2kDE4fZ
Soap and Glory Hair turban: http://bit.ly/2kzlcPH
L’Oreal hyrdo-energetic recharging moisturiser: http://bit.ly/2kDroWp
Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask: http://bit.ly/2l3FYHO
Swisse Men’s Ultivite: http://bit.ly/2l7yK2j
No 7 Eye Make up remover: http://bit.ly/2kDkfWd
No7 Foaming Cleanser: http://bit.ly/2l3LhXE
No7 Micellar Cleansing Water: http://bit.ly/2jKkjUR
Lynx Signature Daily Fragrance Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla: http://bit.ly/2kctdJo
Biore Pore Strips: http://bit.ly/2jOeLDT
OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk shampoo: http://bit.ly/2kzFo3R
OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk conditioner: http://bit.ly/2jNZoLQ
Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil: http://bit.ly/2kDuo5l
Soap and Glory Exfoliating Gloves: http://bit.ly/2l3KxSA
Garnier Oil Infused Micellar Cleansing Water: http://bit.ly/2jKsgcU
L’Oreal Men Anti Blackhead Scrub: http://bit.ly/2k707J9
Palmers Coco butter: http://bit.ly/2jKwUHJ
Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Moss Lipstick Rock N Roll Nude: http://bit.ly/2kDsFgt
Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator: http://bit.ly/2jKCZnF

❤ What I Wore ❤

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  1. I just sent this video to my mum and brother, because Charlie reminds me of my brother, I wonder if they will agree. Haha

  2. Love your duo vlogs and Charlie I agree I have tried so many deodorants and they say No marks but every time they do leave white marks 😎

  3. Love, love, love Charlie! Charming and gorgeous! Yes please more Charlie!!!!!

  4. Oh my soooooo adorable ❤️ love it Charlie and you 😇💜

  5. You look so cute together…. such a lovely couple… 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

  6. Poor him
    U talk wayy more than he do 💘😹

  7. You are so cute together 😍😍

  8. I don't understand….why are you purchasing these products when you already get them for free anyway???? I have to buy products like this all the time. Must be really great to get tons of free stuff!!!

  9. just subscribed what's that top from ? x

  10. Please thank Charlie , I got loads of good ideas for my husband !

  11. What's Charlie's skin type? i do buy stuff for my hubby. Specially skincare.

  12. screw this guy… I'm right here…

  13. You got those exact ogx shampoo and conditioner in a blogger mail haul…. 🤔

  14. It's great to see you blogging with Charlie I love your interaction with each other. It would be lovely to see more of you together👍😀

  15. I feel slightly uncomfortable watching you two together in this video, its like you are competing with one another.  Just relax guys and have fun with it.

  16. When I went to China I picked up like 100 masks. So inexpensive and they are so good with good ingredients in them 🙂

  17. Beautiful people overload!! What a precious couple. I love how into skincare Charlie is. I also love how everything he buys is gym-related.

  18. Loveddddd this video Josie 🙂 My fiancé used to work at Swisse. The quality of their products is great. I take the women's ultivite and I find that it is a great all rounder vitamin. You just need to get past the smell! Haha Xo Jess

  19. It's vegan as there are no animal products within the shower gel and it's not tested on animals x

  20. You two r 😍 really good to have opinions from both sides and to know what to buy for ur bf. Josie as usual u look stunning and ur content is 👍.

  21. Charlie knows his stuff! Love you Josie! ❤️😘

  22. Can I borrow Charlie for my channel?

  23. the look on Charlie's face when you talked about the scrub wow hehe

  24. Love when Charlie joins you. 🙂 And omg, how could anyone dare suggest less of Dexter on your Snapchat?! I love all the Dexter snaps! Love this haul, so many great products. Really curious about how you get on with that Garnier oil infused water, I'm in love with the regular Garnier water so I'm interested in the oil one. And I also really want to try the Garnier moisture bomb mask, need to track that down here in the US.

  25. Love you two together and more Dexter pls 😁….adore you both x

  26. You guys ❤️ Loved this vid and would love more of you guys together!

  27. I've just discovered your channel and I've been binge watching you for like 2 days now, your so sweet and you make a beautiful couple.

  28. Charlie is addicted to exfoliators lol. Your sweet together 😘😘

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