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Border Patrol agents retiring early in 'droves' over policy frustration

National Border Patrol Council Vice President Art del Cueto says Biden administration needs to ‘reinstate remain in Mexico policy’ on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. Our president Biden has violated the rights of U S A born and raised citizens rights .
    We did Not want these people here . You are not taking care of our own . You have no legal rights to be in the President s house .
    Nor does your VP . Your fired ! Donald Trump is the legal President !

  2. How long do debate with liars.

  3. If someone else won besides Trump this wouldn't be happening. You know how people say Trump won because people were angry that a black guy was president? Now it seems like Biden only won because everyone wanted Trump gone. This "lesser of two evils" voting system will run this country into the ground.

  4. Shut the border down ASAP

  5. This is an invasion sponcered by the democrats.

  6. That border is an absolute disgrace!! Something needs to be done… take care of the homeless here first!! You can’t blame them for quitting those jobs.

  7. If they are retiring good riddance. Most of these are the Trump loving POS that should not be in law enforcement anyway

  8. Fine, can't stop it… Convert them and join them to your militias. Many come from cultures that hold strong faith & family values, teach them truth, faith and bring them in to enlarge OUR camp. Adapt and overcome, don't play by their book. We write our own narratives.
    They're not all cartels, and cartels don't really move in to live they come n go.

  9. And to all you idiots that keep blaming this administration you should be the first to get slapped for even saying that this is been going on even to you're own kind amongst yourselves! You all purge one another and can't even see it because you're too stupid to think for your selves! Meanwhile let's keep picking on the people that do all they dirty work for us give me a break with this hypocrite bastards!

  10. Why not put all the migrants in DC?

  11. This administration is criminal and really need to be a mass trial for treasonous acts starting at the top on down…

  12. Scripted World Theatre/ Psyop on the masses by the world elite
    All world leaders are scripted puppet actors  installed by the elite….

  13. Who the hell invited all these ILLEGALS to come here?
    This entire administration should be locked up awaiting trial for treason and then hanged!

  14. You want facts ok. First more than half of Illegal immigrants in the U.S don't come come from crossing the borders, the flying by plan legally with Visa and don't go home when they expire. Also Illegals don't get to live here for free. 45% of all welfare collectors are white 20%-30% are African American and 10%-15% are Hispanic. That's the truth that media's don't tell you.

  15. What was it Reagan told the Air Traffic Controllers? Do the job, or find a new one. Seems like great advice in this case.

  16. send them back why does america always have to take care of everybody else. Let everybody figure their own situations, everyone hates america until they need help

  17. ICE should all quit at once.

  18. good, then Biden can hire officers who will help to make this work, not worse, as the former guy did

  19. I know the Mexicans are excited about that News

  20. Good, get rid of those agents that don't like humaine policies, bye bye 😂.

  21. I like how they know it’s illegal to do this but American leaders are like your ok. Here’s free health care and whatever you need. Just vote for me when it’s time for re election

  22. This has to be money driven from South America. Pelosi and Nephew Newsom have been taking huge kickbacks from her friends in Smugglevile, MX and South of there.

  23. Biden is paying American citizens to stay home to create a labor shortage as he floods the country with illegals… You do the math

  24. as usual the comments on here are so uninformed it is pathetic that FAUX (FOX) is still allowed to air their LIES


  26. This sounds like total BS.

  27. SHUT IT DOWN!!!🇺🇲👍

  28. Good from what we have seen most of them don't belong in the job anyway QWHITE SUPREMECY REINS in that organization

  29. It's definitely going to get worse. Why in the hell are we letting people still come in and we're trying to get America back on track.

  30. Oh god the security theater for stupid people is losing members. Whats next the TSA will all of a sudden realize how useless they are and ** off.(the tsa fails over 90% of all tests) Most boarder crossings are at points of entry and airports, having too many of these guys makes 0 sense and only helps fuel stupid peoples fears.

    ** = what fox needs to do so they can stay in business.

  31. The president has nothing to do with immigration congress does.

  32. Good, the border patrol are the worst trained, most corrupt branch of law enforcement, period. We need the workers.

  33. Would any country accept a wide open border to Mexico?

  34. Recruite others ! Duh let them miss out on benefits 👏🏾🤦🏾‍♀️👋🏾

  35. Mitt Romney , what a milk toast to represent the republican party.

  36. The future is dismal. Better off being 90 instead of 60.

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