Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Boris Johnson discusses draft Brexit deal

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker make statements on the draft Brexit deal.

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  1. If the OWO EU like it… it is not going to be a "Fair" deal…
    A really 'fair' deal would be to dump the globalist aholes and send them packing… They area devious bunch… they will screw you over UK…

  2. The european union is the newest version of the soviet union… the nwo… globalism… globalism is the new version of colonialism. The evil ones just rebrand and rename their evil to sell it to the gullible leftist. Wake up people. They dont want you to be Christian, they dont want you to love your country, they want you to submit to them and be their debt slave forever. Their should be no deal and no money should be given to them from ANYONE… the EU has done nothing but take and deserve nothing.


  4. Best dig that ditch Boris….

  5. Hey Boris, why dont you make like a tree and Brexit!

  6. MARVELOUS! I Can See the CELEBRATIONS In the Streets Now! : ) CHEERS from U.S.!

  7. The people voted to leave; so leave. Why have a vote if the results are going to be ignored?

  8. We’re still signed up to the UNs Agenda 21 the globalists will run the show.

  9. I'm afraid Juncker is sad .. he needs another drink .. Thanks Boris .. keep it up the good work !I really hope more countries will follow .!..

  10. I hope this guy is a strong as our President Trump he should’ve talk to Trump before he made any kind a deal make it a deal with the European Union is like making a deal with the federal banking system which are a bunch a rip offs

  11. Congratulations to our friends Across the Pond/UK Brexit finally. (from US/tx)
    Ireland will wish they had come on board, completely when they see how the British thrive, as they surely will.

  12. Never trust the EU globalist cabal, Or the traitors in parliament.

  13. I am British. Proud of my heritage Welsh British. We have fought hard for our freedom. We expect out 31st. We dictate polices not the EU. We leave with our own laws trading. We run our own UK. Who would just hand there country over to foreign entities where we have no vote, no veto, not our laws, can't trade as we please. Who would.. you?. Why did we hold out on our own and fight in two world wars to preserve our freedom. Underneath, we may seem a quite people. WE ARE NOT., when are under a boot. Don't ever stand Jackboot on our county ever again.

  14. Congratulations Britain! Well done, I pray.

  15. If they do sign this deal it at best should be short term. Like 3 years.

  16. Garage says there are mention of taxes and environmental laws in there. I hope they hold out for freedom. This should be about trade, not tax or environment. Let the people be free and make there own environmental laws. Of course the environmentalist have there nose in it.

  17. Happy about the deal and sad about Brexit.

  18. I'm happy for Britan! Looks like this Boris guy would go great with our Trump. Our swamp is being drained too!

  19. Someone please get out the magnifying Glass and read the fine print before signing anything with the EU NWO.

  20. There goes globalism🍀✝️

  21. Great news for Great Britain,God speed and the very best of British luck.

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