Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Boy Scouts face new sexual abuse lawsuit | USA TODAY

New lawsuit targets Boy Scouts of America on sexual abuse allegations.

Lawyers representing “Abuse in Scouting” have a filed a new lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of American on behalf of a victim of sexual abuse.

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  4. Boy scouts: LGBTQ-phobic, child abusers

    Girl scouts: LGBTQ welcoming, teaching ALL girls leadership skills and social justice

    Not to say that boys should be abused. They have to suffer the stupidity of adults. I'm say that a group like that being unwelcoming to anyone should be be your first red flag, and you as a parent will be responsible if something happens, so why put your child in that position?


  6. Yet another slice of what we were always told was great about America…Mom apple pie, the flag, guns, god, guts, the Boy Scouts, etc, etc, etc falls apart after looking under the waterline.
    We've been sold a bill of goods for decades about what is righteous and pure. This country has a lot of problems and this is yet another one to add to the mix.

  7. A lot has changed in BSA since I was in. I never got fondled.

  8. Glad this is being brought to the light all around the world. It's been around since the beginning of humanity, and it's time to stop it once and for all

  9. Amazing…
    Lawyers and individuals are coming forward and making accusations against their past Scout leaders!!
    Problem is that the accused leaders are dead!!!
    Can’t defend themselves!!!
    They are jumping in on the band wagon for the dollars.
    When the Boy Scouts initiated a two deep leadership in 1974,
    The accusations were only less than one percent…
    Basically ended the problem!!!

  10. There is a CRISIS in Pike County Ohio that the AG and Governor's office and BCI are HIDING since 1998. I was raped by three deputies and physically assaulted in a sexual manner by the Major and reported it. I was thrown OUT of their academy, badge taken, and when I went to OU and graduated obtaining three more commissions they would call and have my badges taken. BCI forced me into signing a 'voluntary agreement for a polygraph' or they said they 'won't proceed' with any investigation. I had to sign it, not knowing the investigator was the best buddy of the Sheriff. A Lt told me later about that. They claimed I failed. My Polygraph is missing from their files and the Deputies statements of whom never took a polygraph. I took an independent one much later from a Certified Polygraph Investigator and PASSED. BCI ignored it and cleared ALL four Deputies. ARREST these RAPIST Gov DeWine although they are your buddies….I think the new AG Yost needs to investigate his Governor….

  11. Children just aren't safe anywhere. It's really a shame this stuff goes on.

  12. When i was a kid in C.A.S (children's aid-neofax-or as its known in the united states DCFS) i was abused..Both physically and sexually. after growing up i wanted to help people and thought of career paths i could take to do so. being a priest was an option and helping children was also my first and most important choice.. but with the dirty sex abuse shit nowadays.. ill stay home and take care of my family. The trust is just gone, for me and from what i hear the public. Ill never send my child to Daycare or overnight camps and when he's in school im going to be there involved and watching for predators. I support the Death penalty and if you destroy lives.. you deserve to have your life destroyed as well. think before you act and if your sick tell someone.. otherwise God bless and remember that Children grow old and take care of us as well, don't destroy their sense of honor and love. Taking that kindness from children in such a way changes everything, and moving forward for them, after seems impossible.

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  14. Cannot bury the hatchet lest you grow balls and use it🖕🏻

  15. Cant believe these fags let in girls…….just like pig force, politicians, and church…..fire everyone and start again

  16. Sick people cannot approach kids, period. Boy Scout needs to have a female supervisor.

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