Wednesday , January 26 2022
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Brazil’s President Demands Apology Before Accepting Amazon Fire Aid | NBC Nightly News

After initially rejecting the G-7’s offer for more than $20 million in aid to help fight the massive fires sweeping through the Amazon rainforest, Brazil’s president said he would consider accepting the money— if he gets an apology from French President Emanuel Macron first.
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Brazil’s President Demands Apology Before Accepting Amazon Fire Aid | NBC Nightly News


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  1. They also killed the animals…what a shame!

  2. We should demand the agribusinesses in the Amazon tonpay for it.

  3. satanist illuminati behind amazon fire

  4. You catch more flies with honey😜

  5. Pls check below mention video for Amazon

  6. Gurl are u thinking or not??? where talking about the risk here tbh I’m really over this like this is stupid.

  7. The people in Brazil should probably do a snap election 🙄

  8. Balsonero is an unreasonable, pathological narcissistic personality disordered, greedy and corrupt human being. He WANTS the fires to burn so he can exploit the land. He's SO IGNORANT, he's not taking into consideration that without the Rainforest, there will be NO RAIN for cows and soybeans. He is comitting crimes against humanity, trying to remove the Indigenous tribes from their land. THE SOLUTION IS FOR THE UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENTAL DEPARTMENT TO TEAM UP WITH THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, ARREST HIM, GET HIM OUT OF THE WAY, AND START PUTTING OUT THE FIRES! PLEASE SHARE MY MESSAGE! THANKYOU.🙏🌎

  9. We apologize for not doing something more years ago. Meanwhile, illegal loggers rip off the big bucks, and then the ranchers clear, burn, deplete the soil and only to move on to repeat the process. The soil in the Amazon tropical rainforest is the poorest and most infertile in the world. If one cuts down the forest, it is irretrievably lost. The humus layer is all too soon washed out. Hence, the destruction of the Amazon will have been exponentially evil.‬
    “What If We Cleared the Amazon?” 
    (8 minutes):
    “Amazon Tropical Forest ‘Dieback’ As Hydrological Cycle Disrupted”‬
    “Amazon Forest Dieback Scenario”

    Note: Lost forests are usually replaced by agriculture, which produces its own emissions. Add in these impacts and the real contribution of deforestation to global climate warming since 1850 is as much as 40 percent. At that rate, tropical deforestation could add 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7°Fahrenheit) to global temperatures by 2100 – even if we shut down fossil fuel emissions tomorrow.

  10. I wish I could stop this all but to think about it I’m just a kid 😩

  11. Were all gonna die because of ego. Way to go guys.


  13. what is this, hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

  14. Good. Tell these gloablists to screw off.

  15. Brazilian president should accept the aid from G7 to help the Amazon

  16. Good for Bolsonaro not succumbing to the will of the G7 members. Brazil owns the rainforest, not G7.

  17. -20% oxygen
    +30% carbon dioxide (amazon reserve co2
    = + x% temperature
    -xxx% species

    X years later.. We are now living in cigarettes smoke.

  18. Stealing the indigenous tribes lands all over Greed!!!Shame on all of you involved with this & ofcourse they are refusing neighboring countries money for help because this was a plot to ravish the land so they can have it to build & get more richer while all these tribes will slowly die off with nowhere to go!!! This is just sick!!!

  19. We👏need👏to👏save👏the👏mother-trucking👏Amozon👏rainforest

  20. all the low vibrational evil beings on this planet needs to die off already!what is taking so long?

  21. 1970: there’s going to be flying cars in 2019
    2019: burns Amazon rainforest

  22. It is noteworthy that Brazil preserves 66% of its territory with native vegetation, while Europe has only 3% of native vegetation. The area of ​​Brazilian preservation can cover all eastern and western Europe with our trees of the Amazon. You do not know Brazil and the size of the Amazon. This is called ignorance.

  23. We need to take these fires and move it to the homes of these millionaires causing it (+ Bolsonaro).

  24. What strikes me most is how much European intellectuals are so fooled by the sensational news spread irresponsibly by political opponents. Those you want have already come to Amazonia. I am a native of Amazonas and I assure you that after seeing and hearing everything you are talking about. The only feeling I have is: HOW ARE YOU SO UNFORMED. WOW

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