Thursday , January 20 2022
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Brennan may have set his own perjury trap: Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano on the investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

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  1. Nap is a scrub remember he said Trump would be indicated

  2. We've seen years of this gobbledygook, but I really do appreciate it. What other country allows the people to see what's going on? We have to be extremely patient, but — we the People are TRULY being allowed to see who's the good guys (Bill Barr / Donald J. Trump) and who''s the bad guys (Chris Wray / Peter Strzok). Those who are watching are SEEing! Thank you, Maria and Trey, and Fox. PLEASE Keep up the important work you are doing!

  3. Brennan fixin' to get Clintoncided when in the big house.

  4. Brennan is a perfect example of "deep state". When will he and all his co-conspirators answer for these criminal acts? With all this info being out there, regular american people lose faith in the justice system when nothing happens.

  5. Brennan. You ARE Absolute Disgrace To America.. You ARE A Piece Of Crap !!!

  6. brennan and clapper are a couple of closet communists! Hold them accountable ALSO. F U BOTH!

  7. FISA Court is rubber stamp for Deep State.

  8. Nobody trusts the judge anymore, he walks on the fence all the time

  9. No whitewash, They must all be be stripped of their privileges and locked up, we the people need to trust those who are elected to govern us

  10. Much like Creepy Joe Biden the Nap’ gives me creepy feelings and I don’t know why.

  11. If the if Fox News has been lying and there will be no prosecution's Fox News is credibility turns to s*** and all you people that work for Fox News are going to be out of a job

  12. So the liberal media makes up lies as so did the Republican party but the excuses are different to the American people so all of you are pieces of s***

  13. Sorry to burst your bubbles but Nap maybe right about the Justice department, it's a brotherhood and they will watch the brothers backs if they can get away with it. Just look at the new FBI director / C Ray.

  14. Napolatanos advice is doo doo. He was all in on the anti-trump bandwagon for 2 years. All he ever said was it looks really bad for Trump! Now that he's been made a fool, he does not want the police to be exposed as corrupt scumbags!!!!

  15. He's guilty of much more than perjury.

  16. If these parasite don't go to jail it will be the end of the courts and government! As nobody will follow the law and all will demand the excuse these parasites are allowed to use be allowed for them!

  17. FISA court is so crooked and hidden it should be abolished by executive order!

  18. Get everyone involved in this coup attempt against a sitting President!!!

  19. Obama, John Kerry and many others belong in prison.

  20. I use to listen to the Judges opinions but as the times roll on his views carry little weight these days. Too many times he’s been way off base. I think Fox needs a new legal Judge…

  21. Maria an outstanding reporter need more of them. Not the acoustas of the democrat world.

  22. Why does Fox still pay Napolitano ? He's been wrong before…and is just plain annoying.
    God bless the USA

  23. Why can't Barr have Subpoena power? Its time to imprison all those involved in this collusion.

  24. Oh, perjury is a minor thing. It's way down there with leaking classified information, and election meddling. Right? Right? Revolution by definition is the only game changer. Republican crying and bellyaching falls always short.

  25. None of what I believe are BOZO’S will prosecuted or go to jail. Have been saying so since just before Miller’s report was about to be released.

  26. I hope all this stuff leads to Hilary Clinton in hand cuffs

  27. Comey better buckle up it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

  28. Sounds like it's time to impeach the fisa judge !

  29. This guys a hack….two-face. Double agent for mocking bird media

  30. nap has basically turned into a swamp rat since Trump became POTUS now he goes on the side of what makes Trump look bad or he try to make him look bad , and he has been wrong about almost all of his crap against Trump much like the dems they have not only been wrong, they have been wrong about EVERYTHING, i'm here to say now that after all of the corruption from the left and how they tried to get trump on anything, if not only indictments are not given out but prison time given to these corrupt dems and fbi, doj, people in obama's administration for unmasking, tarmac meeting , etc if these people are given a slap on the hand and that's it you might want to go hide out in your bunker for a year or two because you WILL see destruction uprising and possibly civil war, you had dems falsely accusing and setting up perjury traps and the dems tried to give max penalties and then when they are caught and given a slap its not going to go good for the dems or the repubs that didn't push harder and get these corrupt treasonist democrats put in prison, people better go to prison and more than one or two, or what will happen will make the protest against Trump look like show and tell in kindergarten

  31. So…. why hasn’t he been placed in custody and his house and lawyers house not raided?? Deep state runs deep!

  32. Fisa. Judges. Gota go 2. Super max. Criminal. Illigal. Corupt. Imoral. Basterdssssssss. Ffffffffffffk. Me

  33. I guess im just dumb… Who is the judges on the fisa court. Sounds to me there all shady

  34. Fox likes to say alot of people like Comey Brennan and others are going to jail talk is cheap until they actually do something buy actions I don't believe it as long as I been alive no one has ever gone to jail in the government.

  35. Rino judge nap is anti trump he sucks

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