Tuesday , June 28 2022

Bret Baier: Early voting in Georgia is astronomical with new law in place

Fox News host provides insight on the Georgia primary race on ‘Kennedy.’ #FoxBusiness #Kennedy

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  1. People still believe in voting?

  2. Warnock is just like Pelosi. Not to be TRUSTED.

  3. Kemp and Pence= 2 sellouts and a match made in heaven

  4. I know that Trump knows what he is doing,

  5. God forbid Pence gets back into the political race in ANY capacity.

  6. The FBI DIJ CIA committed TREASON
    and SEDITION and ALL those involved in the Russiagate crime, the
    election fraud and they coup de tat to remove president Trump need to be
    prosecuted and executed for their crimes….as per the US

  7. Trump went after Kemp for not overturning the votes 🤦🤦

  8. Those glasses have to go.

  9. Marjorie is an idiot.

  10. Bret Baier is a never Trumper

  11. So does your Socialist Democrats leaders all have EVs ? no but your paying for their communist socialist agendas,,vote against the Anti American socialist party, save your children's futures

  12. Lmfao when do we get results? 2 weeks from now

  13. hahahahaha! the tRUMP magic touch. LOL

  14. Gop helped rigg election In Georgia. Kemp is Romney McConnell. Time to defund the government. Biden Won Like Epstein Killed Himself

  15. Early voting should be outlawed. 1 day. We get more accurate voting on facebook.

  16. Pence endorsement means nothing. Stick a fork in him he is done politically.

  17. The only vote Stacy Abrams is gonna get is from the uneducated !

  18. A big f*** you to the people in government who decided that vote by mail was appropriate.

  19. So can Georgians and especially Stacy Abrahms, Warnock, and the rest of the dems admit that their bs rhetoric and lies about voter suppression was just that?? NO, THEY NEVER ADMIT THEIR FEAR CAMPAIGNS FAILED!!!

  20. Vote early vote often

  21. I wasn't too happy bout it, but voted for Perdue.

  22. In short, Biden and democrats lied and fabricated a "racist" issue, in an attempt to divide Americans. Clown administration 🤡

  23. Early voting in Georgia may be astronomical under the new voting law in place right now, but you can bet that if Stacy Abrams and the Democrats LOSE in November they will be claiming that racism of Black voters that they were oppressed or suppressed under the new law. It is a given that Abrams will use the race card, that's all she knows and plays.

  24. Impossible. We were told by Biden that the new laws were racist! Even moreso than Jim Crow!! Unacceptable for the worst state in the nation…..

  25. Serious question: after what happened in the 2020 election, how do we trust ANY election results?

  26. Pence is a liar and a turn coat. Let's Go Brandon

  27. Kemp, the worst form of RINO, contributed to Biden sitting in the white house and is responsible for the 50/50 Senate.

  28. PhukDemo Crats….and Phukjoebi Den. Our babies can’t even get enough formula.

  29. The fraud continues and you still think your vote counts? This RINO network is part of it.

  30. As long as Abrams is kept out, get the rino out

  31. It was dem party that voted Jim crow laws into existence in the 1st place

  32. Abrahams is pure trash, that is. It an opinion, it is straight facts

  33. Bret Baier is not MAGA..