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Briefing Room: Deadline to make 3rd Dem Debate looming, Harvard Student deported, Amazon fires

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  1. All Republicans are The Enemy of the People and must be destroyed! No empathy, police-state laws, ruiner of our economy, bigots, xenophobia….Stamp out these vermin…American democracy is being destroyed. Take on prisoners, shame them, out them, expose them….do not wait!

  2. If you support Biden or kamala I have one question for you. Why do you still support the establishment?

  3. November will have less than 10 people left

  4. There are 10 candidates left. Get that mindset and get over it cuz they won’t be in the mainstream media anymore

  5. You can never replace what has been lost. Evacive species will be introduced, and we will never get back what has been lost.

  6. Well they can't deport me. Trump sux, and the United States sux, as long as the Republican party is in office. Fuck Trump.

  7. Hmmm nobody talking about Africa on 🔥… whatever. Selective distractions.

  8. Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia adelante!!!

  9. So now "they" are punishing people who know other people who might have said something that "they" didn't like? Seriously? So the American ideal of Freedom of Speech is dead, off the market, gone bye-bye when it comes to any speech that "they" don't like if it's said by someone you know?
    Well…Okay…Pack your bags, because we are all going to be deported.

  10. I do not hate him I just think

  11. Taylor swift should stick to singing

  12. Congratulations to the BDS movement on being nominated for the Noble Peace Prize ❤️

  13. Go go go! Yang, Sanders (Bernie not Sarah), and Warren. Go away Biden and other corporate loving Dems like Mayor Pete and Harris.

  14. It's so hard to watch this crap, but they provide content to prove that they have an agenda to spread hate and cause the chaos that is going on.

  15. Who’s ready for the clown 🤡 show

  16. Too bad he’s ur president

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