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Briefing Room: Hurricane Dorian, Dems on climate change, Pentagon to divert funds to border wall

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  1. What is most bothersome is how climate change has become a political football.
    And then there is the truth; how many truly want truth, or at least an impartial discussion?
    Climate is a topic i became interested in 30-40+ years ago.
    One could see the tracings of change and this intrigued me.
    Nasa released satellite data, pictures and articles over 20+ years ago, noting several other planets were also experiencing Global climate change and their conjecture blamed it on Galactic or Cosmic energy passing through our Solar System.
    For years there had been talk in a spiritual sense of our earth being showered with Cosmic energy, also intriguing.
    A bit of a mystery in attempting to understand it all.
    But i kept looking, trying to rectify these ideas towards a common understanding.
    Many years ago our family travelled on vacation to Wenatchie, Washington and during this time we visited a local visitor center / museum.
    The area had intrigued me, given gigantic boulders or rocks were randomly strewn through the landscape.
    It was explained several thousand years ago, glaciers were thousands of feet thick, but something happened In a very short period of time; Glaciers melted, creating waves of water, breaking free, hundreds of feet deep, roaring across Washington state at 30-40 mph. ( according to theory)
    What had caused such rapid melt, creating an event, only fully understood at a later date, when satellite photos revealled the size and scope of this change.
    Where was CO2 or mans intervention in creating these documented events?
    Over time these occurance seem to co-incide with changes on our sun, the only constant.
    But how and why?
    How does a trace gas, CO2, translate to cyclical 350-400 year periods in our history?
    Why does and did CO2 change when humans were barely around?
    To start logically, consider our sun, the most obvious factor of change.
    Does it change and how?
    Glacial ice samples clearly show climate is always changing and that over thousands of years these Temperature increases always preceed CO2 increase.
    Our oceans act as a natural sync for CO2 and Greenhouse gases over time by taking them into dissolved suspension.
    When warming occurs, Oceans warm and CO2 is then forced out of dissolved suspension, a symptom of change, not the driver.
    So what warms us to begin with?
    According to an Astrophysicist, Valentina Zharkova, our sun has entered into its lowest point of magnetic field strength in hundreds of years and no one has disputed this, just ignored it.
    This follows 350-400 year solar cycles where cold and heightened volcanic activity existed in the past.
    Evidence is clear.
    Lowered magnetic subsequently weakens the Magnetosphere, because it is generated from the sun.
    The magnetosphere protects us naturally from Galactic and Solar energy excess.
    But the shield is weakened and an increase of 40-50% radiation has been documented since 2014.
    The radiation is warming our Land, air and water.
    And we are back to an understanding why CO2 increases.
    The radiation is ionizing our atmosphere ( notice heightened activity in atmospheric lighting and effects such as Aurora Borealis?) Ionized particles attract moisture becoming droplets then clouds.
    This superseeding of our atmosphere is causing the excessive flooding and random rainfall.
    The increased evaporation and humidity is feeding hurricanes and storms.
    Japanese researchers studied eruptions from four volcanoes over a 306 year period.
    With a 97% certainty they said 9 of the 11 eruptions happened during a period of low magnetic activity on our sun.
    They also believed the UV radiation was heating and stimulating Muons within the silica rich lava, inciting eruptions.
    Increasing radiation is a big factor in volcanic and earthquake activity.
    CO2 is clearly a symptom not the driver in change.

  2. I'll bet RBG smells like moth balls and pee

  3. Climate Change was first coined by former Vice Pre. Al Gore from that time on it has been used when it comes all kinds of weather problems. But the sad things we human had forgotten the PROPHETIC of World events that is going on, it seems that we don't know God anymore we trust science more than God . We have forgotten HIM so much
    Why not changed the word the ( the PROPHETIC events is being fullfilled ) not Climate Change. Actually the Earth weather is not getting better it's getting worst and worst,the proper thing to do is return to PROPHETIC EVENTS news so that people around the World knows the second comming of God and be watchfully not the C.C. but His second comming All kinds of Weather well become so intense around the Globe

  4. Michael Man

    Why wasn't he supported in court to show temperatures have increased?

  5. I'm a voter and I do not believe the climate change hype. The hysteria is about getting more money for the government elites to waste. There is nothing man can do to change Mother Nature.
    Global Freezing.
    Global Warming.
    Climate Change! That will scare them. 😨

  6. "No, no! She's still leaning to the left."

    "She's always leaned to the left."
    "Get me another wedge."

  7. Dems Will Ruin The Country.

  8. Did that ole hagg in the thumbnail croak yet?..

  9. Yea….right. that's rbg….she (he) caught a ride there with elvis… nice job on being able to hold your heAd up ruffie.

  10. I remember one day watching local news anchor Maurice DuBois
    on WCBS-TV, looking every inch his fifty-four-years of age, then the very next
    day, a twenty-year-old looking DuBois appeared reading the news; what ever happened
    to that fifty something news anchor, and why was he there instead, in fact the
    entire news team on this program appeared hair dyed and fake; except for Dr.
    Max Gomez, let’s just call him the sane one. So, why all this hair dying on the
    heads of those reading the news to us, does it have anything to do with the practice
    of television journalism? and does it make the bad news easier to endure and
    the good news more enjoyable? Someone please respond below…

  11. Leave it to the libtards to exploit a crisis

  12. Climate change is bull shit.
    What needs to be done is for all industrial countries to start recycling everything possible rather keep tossing their trash in rivers & waterways creating a lot of pollution to the environment.
    Get rid of any and all nuclear power plants.. Close them down.
    Fracking needs to stop. Tar sand oil lines removed. Canada can eat the shit for all I care.

  13. Minority elected Trump lies as he steals from our Military and Fema. Trump puts Nation at risk to cover his own ass. Only fools and employees still support the national disaster of trump.

  14. Homeland security is saying "if they have to rescue an illegal or what might be an illegal they get a free pass? He's lying. Do not be fooled by his sincerity. This is one of the tactic's of religion to look you in the eyes and in all sincerity tell you a lie. Bible profiles bits and pieces of a habitual lair or a person that will even believe his or her own lie(s). Could you imagine putting this guy up against Trump on immigration then after his long and convincing commentary trump does a short tweet and throws him in to confusion.

  15. Former President Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on a registered sex offender’s infamous jet than previously reported, with flight logs showing the former president taking at least 26 trips aboard the “Lolita Express” — even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights

  16. The door buckling in and out said it all…

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