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Broussard on Isiah Thomas: The only superstar that can say he beat Jordan, Magic, Bird | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard talks about the greatness of Isiah Thomas.

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Isiah Thomas: The only superstar that beat Jordan, Magic, and Larry Bird | FOX SPORTS

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  1. Is Isiah Thomas the most underrated player in NBA history?

  2. As a Detroit Pistons fan, and watching Isiah's whole career, I can't say it better than what you just did Chris. Truth to Facts! When the Pistons finally won the NBA World Title in 1989, I was so happy I cried. I was the most happiest for Isiah, because he had worked so hard to get there with everything you just said, and his ultimate dream was finally was realized. He was a Champion in the NBA.
    BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! BAD BOYS! Back-to-Back NBA World Champ!!

  3. Pizazz…..Flair…..Flash….of Pete Maravich!? I think not!

  4. Finally!!! Thank you Chris

  5. Mr Chris Broussard you should have your own youtube channel

  6. That’s one thing I give Chris his acknowledgement and respect for the history of the game all

  7. Bird has a winning rec over Jordan

  8. Preach! This man is the most underrated player in NBA history!

  9. Got a feeling this wouldn't even be a topic if that Jordan documentary was about to drop Sunday 🤣🤣🤣 Notice Chris tried to say a 3 peat was easily attainable by other stars BUT Jordan did that TWICE & he only talked about the 1st 3 peat but not the 2nd one tho 🤣🤣🤣 but yeah put some respect on Zeke name tho!!!!!!!! Because remember Jordan only played against plumbers in his day right LoL

  10. Bird was not in his prime in 88 when IT beat him, but every other thing I agree

  11. Please do next one about Elgin Baylor.

  12. You right he was the man I remember

  13. Chris Broussard, always dropping knowledge…….

  14. Yet he lost to Patrick Ewing lol

  15. Put some respect on Zeke’s name!

  16. That title was the single hardest title to get ever. Isaiah was THAT MAN. And I’m a Celtics fan.

  17. ZEKE!!!! Deeeeetrooooiiiiiiit Basket-baaaaalll!!!

  18. Michael Jordan is 6-0 in the NBA Finals those regular season games don’t mean anything, Michael Jordan is Undefeated in the NBA Finals

  19. Zeke is probably the most disrespected HOF ever. That man doesn’t get mentioned like he should.

  20. Indeed!!✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

  21. but the analytics! lolololo

  22. Second greatest PG behind Magic

  23. I've been saying for years Steph Curry would get cooked by Isaiah Thomas and it's not even close especially defensively

  24. I was beginning to think its the week we are not allowed to say anything negative about MJ

  25. Isiah Thomas is the greatest Piston.

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