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BUILDING MY DREAM WALK-IN WARDROBE! // Designing the perfect closet // Fashion Mumblr

BUILDING MY DREAM WALK-IN WARDROBE – I am so excited to finally be able to share with you my dream closet that we built with Sharps!
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We decided to go for the Sherbourne range in a Stone Grey finish with Lattice handles combined with mirrored doors.

The buttoned seat pad in Pastiche Slub Chalk fabric and the interiors were a mixture of shelving, long hanging, double hanging and single hanging.

We would not recommend Sharps enough, they were truly fabulous from start to finish and the whole process in total took around 3 weeks with the building of the walk in wardrobe only taking 3 days!

If you are thinking about doing the same thing and love what we chose you can find more info at Sharps.co.uk – http://bit.ly/2pAqHwc

AUTUMN WINTER 2017 TRENDS : http://bit.ly/2wwCWRu

AUTUMN WINTER 2017 LOOKBOOK : http://bit.ly/2xgPGZT

❤ What I Wore ❤

Day 1

Blush Pink Jumper – http://bit.ly/2Ab45vA
Watch – http://bit.ly/2hmKcu5

Day 2
Jumper dress – http://bit.ly/2A2iXfG
Gilet – http://bit.ly/2jmEhG0
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2BhyV32

Day 3
Jumper – http://bit.ly/2AAJb9v
Necklace – http://bit.ly/2ACibqo
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2BhyV32

❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Valentino shoes – http://bit.ly/1Kp0sT2
Crystal clear smelling salts – http://bit.ly/2k00nya



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  1. Anything you build onto an outside wall will suffer with mould caused by condensation.

  2. Is Sharps only available in the UK?

  3. bevelled – so gorgeous love it!!

  4. Hi Josie! I’m from Singapore & love your style. ❤️
    I was wondering..where could I get the rose gold & wooden clothes hangers? It would be nice if you could reply. Thank you!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  6. Your voice is absolutely charming

  7. Nice building your dream wardrobe just let me now how much it cost to build a closet

  8. Just this weekend we finished building our walk in wardrobe. We asked Sharps to come in and we really didn’t find them that good. Katie x

  9. beautiful wardrobe, love your room, how much does it cost for making this dream wardrobe if you don't mind I ask ?

  10. PLEAAAAASE do a wardrobe update!!

  11. Where is the wardrobe tour? 😄

  12. Lovely, nice and clean looking. Not full of all these counters with bits and pieces on them which in the end just collect dust. It's practical. Enjoy !

  13. Looks wonderful- I’m so envious! What about heat in the room though? You may get a musty smell during the cooler months in time if there isn’t a source of heat.

  14. What is playing in the background?

  15. Really lovely! Love the details! Mirrors and colour are spot on and that seat is going straight on my Pinterest! Lol. Not a huge fan of the door handles but it's such a personal detail. I'd go for either a glass diamond shape or muted silver or rose gold in a 'industrial' handle shape. Can't wait for the wardrobe tour!

  16. Wonderful topic! Love your video! What do you think about tie sleeves and cold shoulder trend?

  17. Hi Josie! I love your style! I was wondering if you could do an update with your clothes in the wardrobe now? Also an update of your home now that you're settled? That would be fabulous!

  18. Geez. 5 minutes of babbling

  19. This is my first video by you and I love it, I definitely would love to still this wardrobe design from you even the colour is awesome. Very nicely designed. Subscribed!

  20. Hv to skip alot to actually see the closet. Talks too much

  21. The room looks just gorgeous. I do not know how your house is, but if possible I would recommend to change the door to open to outside (not inside as it is now), so Josie could still enter the room even when Charlie has his shoe closet door opened)..

  22. Hi can you please give measurements ie how big the room was and how much it cost to have everything completed. Looks amazing…x

  23. Well done. I am so happy for you!

  24. Is this an actual closest or was was it a room

  25. This is the stuff that dreams are made of!!!! I’d love a walk in wardrobe like this!!!! It’s like having your own personal store!!!!

  26. The cushion on top of the drawers enhance the total look of the room, it’s stunning!! Can’t wait to see the wardrobe tour in your next video!!

  27. I would love to se a wardrobe tour x

  28. This is beautiful love how it is so personalised and no one else has the exact same as you! Beautiful and so creative! 💗

  29. It turned out AMAZING, I can’t wait to watch the wardrobe tour when you have it all mapped out.

    When I purchased my current home I did custom built-ins in my walk in closet, the spare bedroom and my family room- while it costs a small fortune the organization and style that it creates is unbeatable.

    I have a small suggestion for your walk in, it would look amazing if you added mirrors behind the open shelves where you’re keeping your fragrances and daily wears. The mirrors will reflect the light from the window and make that area really stand out.

  30. If I had a closet that big. I wouldn't have enough clothes to fill it with. But that's a good excuse to go shopping! 😈

  31. It would good to install an island in the middle of the room with a glass display on top for jewellery and scarves, etc
    and drawers below for extra storage. Looks good!

  32. It is so amazing! Love the look of it

  33. It turned out absolutely beautiful! I’m so excited and happy for you! May I suggest to you that you paint your door (the side inside of your wardrobe) the same color as your other doors? We did that in our master bedroom and it turned out great..so my double doors inside my bedroom are off white and the other side is stained brown to match the hallway woodwork. Just a thought for you! 😊

  34. So beautiful!Hope you enjoy it and fill it with millions of lovely clothes and shoes,and bags..:)

  35. Josie, it's beautiful!! Can't wait to see how you settle into your new wardrobe!

  36. Nice job, Josie!! An idea for shoe storage. . .place one shoe facing forward and the match facing backward and you may find you can fit more shoes in an area.

  37. I love organising and putting things together/buildy vlogs!!=) x

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