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Business owners fleeing NYC find greener pastures in Palm Beach

FOX Business’ Ashley Webster talks with a restaurateur who has taken his business to Florida. #FoxBusiness

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  1. More Democrats moving to Republican states. Blue wave 2024.

  2. If I was a NYC business owner, I would bounce to Florida. At least I can be open for business.

  3. We don't do French in Texas 🤠

  4. They're leaving a democrat state to only going to another democrat state that's pure stupidity

  5. New Yorkers- get a clue..Floridians don't Vote like you! Don't move here. Stay with Who you voted for.

  6. If you want to go out to eat you should be able to thats a choice no one forces anyone to go out to eat it that simple this has been a huge government power grab and enough is enough if the people dont fight back than this is what they accept thank you Tx governor I go out with out a mask and eat those who choose to wear a mask do and some dont be here we have our freedom

  7. Oh, goody-good ! We don't want such corrupt racist rats in NYC anyway ! 🤣
    They can take their wares to FL, the "armpit of the United States" ! Ha Ha Ha ! 😂

  8. Please leave your blue state politics at your border

  9. Why America did fox, cavuto and wallace throw The Greatest President in American History under the Bus. The Honorable and always correct President Donald J Trump.

  10. Hopefully they will wise up and change the way they vote

  11. Their tax base will disappear!!😆

  12. I’d get out too! Their tax base will plummet!😆

  13. 15 people froze in Harris County Texas what a shame

  14. If the government tells you to shut then just say "Ok, here is my bill to shut down", then give them a bill for all profits/income lost during THEIR shutdown orders. If they refuse to pay then stay open. You only have to stand up to them. After all you have agreed to follow their orders so they should expect to pay you to shut.

  15. This is what happens when you don't listen to the voters and the people that pay taxes

  16. New York State is the most corrupt state in the country!!!!!!!

  17. New York is going to be a Ghost Town once CUOMO and DeBlasio are finished …

  18. Welcome to Florida northerners just leave the liberal agenda behind you we don't want it here in the sun shine state !

  19. Covid19 is a conspiracy made by democrate Obama Biden Hilary Pelosi and the swamps creature

  20. I dont feel like im living in america i feel like were living in a racist regime

  21. Dont turn florida into new york

  22. Dont turn florida into new york

  23. Keep your liberal propaganda in NY

  24. NY and CA should get married and run away together like to China!

  25. 518,363 deaths 28,974,623 covid cases, 3000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after the WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  26. How long before Florida becomes like New York because people fleeing Democrat states vote blue

  27. An energy tragedy has occurred in Texas! A severe frost destroyed all energy and pipelines.

    People freeze and die. What Is Biden Doing? He got scared and doesn't do anything!

    The emperor of Ukraine cursed Biden and these are the consequences.

    He signed the Climate Convention on Global Warming, and in Texas people are dying of cold. How to explain this to the people of Texas?

    Biden lost again and covered himself with shame again.

    I gave the order to the governor to take control of the situation to provide assistance to the victims.

    President Donald Trump.

  28. New York will be back sad but true for you

  29. Good for them. They should go where there appreciated

  30. New Yorkers need to stay in the city and vote.out the democrats destroying their great city.

  31. Keep your leftist views and morals in NYC. We don't want you in Florida. Keep Florida Red!

  32. Be careful Florida they will ruin your state with there votes

  33. New York is a 3rd world city pandering to the dumb and lazy ; run by a moron .

  34. Who wants to eat outside in the frozen cold? Who wants to live here under communism?
    Plus, I wish I could move back to F!orida but not to wear some dumbass mask!

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